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Future Trunks Pictures, Images and Photos

|♥| My Inspiration Since 2000 |♥|

`~*~` About Me`~*~`

Name: Megan

Birth Date: August 27

Age: Old enough to smoke and drink [though I do neither]

Major/Minor: Art/Child Development

• I live to be inspired and inspire others.

• I am open-minded and love befriending people from various walks of life.

• Controversial topics intrigue me.

• My loved ones mean the world to me, and I firmly believe that family isn’t necessarily limited to being related by blood.

• Art is one of my biggest inspirations and the very thing that I want to do for the rest of my life, preferably Animation.

• While I do like anime and manga, I’m afraid my interest in keeping up with current titles has completely depleted.

• Favors wit over sarcasm.

• Is a bit of a health nut.

• I review every story that I favorite.

• I'm a sucker for suspense and fics for under loved characters.

• Enjoys reading, but dislikes being told what to read.

• As much as I enjoy working on my stories, my academics and job remain first priority.

• I have two pets: Valentine [Dog; German Shepherd] and Tigerlily [Kitten; Tortoiseshell]

`~*~` Favorites `~*~`

§ Anime/Manga §

DragonBall/Z | Saiyuki | Yu Yu Hakusho | Escaflowne | Elfen Lied | Ayashi no Ceres | Witch Hunter Robin | & a few others

§ Movies §

Secret of NIMH | Tim Burton films | Hayao Miyazaki films | Labyrinth | Dark Crystal | Wizard of OZ | various Disney & Pixar movies | History of Trunks | Never Ending Story | The Crow | Bardock: The Father of Goku | Balto | A Clockwork Orange | Rise of the Guardians

§ TV Shows §

Avatar: TLA | Everybody Loves Raymond | Gargoyles | Thunder Cats | I Love Lucy

§ Bands/Artists §

Within Temptation | Skillet | Incubus | Lunatica | Kamelot | Breaking Benjamin | Sting | Enya | 3 Days Grace | Nightwish | Evanescence | Disturbed | Celtic Woman | Marina & the Diamonds | Lacuna Coil | Poets of the Fall | Dream Theater | Imagine Dragons

§ Colors §

Red | Black | Silver | Purple

§ Genres §

Action/Adventure | Suspense | Comedy | Psychological/Horror | Mystery | Angst | Hope | Drama | Romance | Alternate Universe | Fantasy

§ Animals §

anything from the Feline and Canine families | Ferrets | Dragonflies | Rabbits | Horses | Butterflies | Deer | Pandas

§ Games §

Legend of Zelda series | Kingdom Hearts I & II | Smash Bros. series | Star Fox series [minus Command] | Mario Kart | Pokémon | Banjo-Kazooie | Chrono Trigger | Rune Factory 4 | Five Nights at Freddy's

§ Couples/Pairings I Ship §

Kouta ♥ Lucy [Elfen Lied]
Gohan ♥ Videl [DBZ]
Fox ♥ Krystal [Star Fox]
Tenshi ♥ Ryoko [Tenshi Muyo]
Yuhi ♥ Aya [Ayashi no Ceres]
Yusuke ♥ Keiko | Kuwabara ♥ Yukina [YYH]
Link ♥ Midna [LoZ: TP] | Link ♥ Zelda [LoZ: OoT]
Van ♥ Hitomi [Escaflowne]
Gene ♥ Melfina [Outlaw Star]
Parn ♥ Deedlit [Record of Lodoss War]
Ash ♥ Misty | James ♥ Jessie [Pokémon]
Hige ♥ Blue [Wolf's Rain]

§ Books §

The Giver [Lois Lowry]
Memoirs of a Geisha [Arthur Golden]
Wicked [Gregory Maguire]
East of Eden [John Steinbeck]
Fahrenheit 451 | Something Wicked This Way Comes [Ray Bradbury]
Animal Farm [George Orwell]
The Kite Runner [Khaled Hosseini]
The Hobbit | Lord of the Rings trilogy [J.R.R Tolkien]
Hunchback of Notre Dame | Les Miserables [Victor Hugo]
The Chronicles of Prydain [Lloyd Alexander]
The Call of the Wild | White Fang [Jack London]
A Clockwork Orange [Anthony Burgess]
His Dark Materials trilogy [Philip Pullman]

§ Current Songs §

Untraveled Road [Thousand Foot Krutch]

The Fourth Legacy [Kamelot]

Questions or comments? Feel free to email me. :)
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