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One-Shots I Owed for Someone Who Signed the Dragon Booster Petition (No Longer Doing This):

Music_of_the_Night (I think): Tao Ren--100% Complete, entitled \"I Surivived\"

Reader\'s Engagement Ring from Lambo for Will You Marry Me?:


Things I Got Bored of/Lost Track of and Will (Eventually) Get Around to Working On):


More Than Just Sex: I love Hana-chan but this is on Hiatus.

Harvest Moon:

Sunlight and Shadows: (Island of Happiness) Hiatus.

Jak Series:

Destiny\'s Decree: Hiatus.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!:

Milk the Cow: LamboXReader Random Updates Pending

That\'s Okay: 101 drabbles with Spanner. Gift for Dishrag1313. On Hiatus

One Piece:

400 Moments: CP9 X Reader, romance/friendship. Response to \"400 Lyrics\" challenge. Hiatus. Definitely Hiatus...

Works In Progress:




I now have a limited Wi-Fi connection!! XD Better than nothing, and I can update now!!

...If I had anything TO upload... X/ Sorry. Ehehe....

I am now into the Toriko manga series! I demand to be appeased/bribed with Toriko one-shots! 8D
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