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The Authoress

I will show you fear in a handful of dust...

T.S Eliot, The Wasteland

kniferomance [nīf-roh-mans]; noun
1. A devotional love for knives, usually unrequited; often results in suicide or accidental death.
2. The name of an [extremely fake] emo band.
3. An insane fan-fiction authoress with very few morals and an Alice in Wonderland complex.

Current News: Sunday, September 09, 2012

Lol. What is writing? I can\'t even...



Almost Easy | Yu Yu Hakusho | Shuichi + OC | Title Subject to Change | In Progress
Call It Fate | Yu Yu Hakusho | Youko Kurama + OC | Sequel to Call It Karma| On Hold
Trial By Fire | Yu Yu Hakusho | Hiei + OC | On Hold

As Eden Burns | Devil May Cry | Dante + OC
Passion Unbound | Devil May Cry | Dante + OC | Smut for Rei

Bound By Blood | Yu Yu Hakusho | Hiei + OC | Formerly known as Blood of the Moon


The authoress of the stories seen on this account does not claim, in any way, shape or form, to own the publicly recognizable characters, settings, and anime/video games. The aforementioned are property of their respective owners, and have been treated with the utmost appreciation. The authoress is not associated neither with said owners nor with the production of their creations, and does not claim to be. Copyright infringement is not intended.

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Pokémon © Satoshi Tajiri
Yu Yu Hakusho © Yoshihiro Togashi

All original characters, stories, and plots are property of the authoress, kniferomance, unless stated otherwise. Do not steal.

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Fiction Zone | FoS | LiveJournal | Lunaescence

If you see these stories or any content of these stories on any other site, please inform her immediately!

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