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Hi, I\'m Shy_writer.

I am new to Luna even though I have posted stories yet. It doesn\'t mean that I don\'t plan too. :)

I have a story that is currently in the works as you can see on my page. I\'m kind of having problems uploading the first chapter.>~<

Hope you all you check out my profile will like my stories. My goal is to make some good a story.

I am dedicated them to everyone on Luna~! So I hope I can post the story if I am able.

-Upcoming stories-


Title : The Outsider

Summary: To say strange things are happening , especially in this time and date, would almost seem impossible with Titans running around knocking walls and destroying humanity one house at a time. People stopped considering things weird a long time ago. But when a girl from outside the walls shows up, one that seems to have no qualms with the Titans, it makes everyone, especially the recon corps, rethink everything they know. What exactly is happening? And does this strange girl fit into all of this

Pairing Levi x reader x Eren

Title : Outsider Version 2

Summary: To say humanity is perfectly fine in this age is impossible with titans running amok and destroying everything we have worked hard on in these past few hundred of years. humanity had stopped considering everything was going to be fine long ago, but when a girl from outside the three great walls shows up, who has no qualms with the man eating beasts, it makes humanity stop to rethink what they had once known and gone by. what exactly is happening? and how does this outsider fit into all of this?\'
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