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About Me ('cause I'm awesome!)

Jasmine | Virgo, Water Monkey | Korean-Canadian | English, Korean

People who make me happy (leave me reviews ;) get gifts and eternal gratitude from me! ;D *wink* *wink*

Crazy (Reblog) Tumblr | Creative (Luna) Tumblr ⇐ (check for progress and updates)

Feel free to leave me a message through Luna, any one of my Tumblrs, or via review!

Currently obsessed with Free!, Haikyuu!! & Pokémon

I used to be Koreangirlme, then Unbi, but those were both silly pennames from grade school. Now I'll be using a brand new penname that I'm going to totally stick with! For sure!
My older reviews will be under Koreangirlme or Unbi, but newer ones are from Jasminerva and always logged in! ALWAYS.
I respond to all of my reviews! Just putting it out there lol!

As an OC writer, and a dabbler in reader-inserts, I like to read anything that catches my interest (sometimes even stories that belong to a fandom I know nothing about). I don't care if my skin or hair or body type or name has been thought out for me, because that just means it's like an otome game (and OMG I love those). If a person has written something they most likely have put in a great amount of effort into it, so as your friendly neighbourhood reader I think I can use a bit of imagination to put myself into their written character's shoes. This is all fiction, you don't have to believe it's your real self in someone's story (because most stories use plain Janes and I'm just so fabulous... and short.), but of course I can't force you to use your imagine.

I write mostly happy-happy-joy-joy with large doses of humour because that's how fiction is -- it isn't reality, so it shouldn't be so gloomy! But I like being realistic too; that's what makes fiction hit close to home~
I've nothing against angst, but it leaves me emptier than most people, so I try to avoid it or make up for it with reading/watching something really silly afterwards.

I can't write drabbles. It's mostly because I have way too much to say (like, literally, most of my fics are made up almost entirely out of dialogue). I like dialogue.

I'm a Scorpio rising (and astrology addict), which means that's just who I am: a hedonist. My Virgo sun just helps hold it all uptight and such.
There's some inner turmoil because of some houses in some planets, like Aquarius and s'more Virgo, that make me... well... very... unfocused. But it's not so much as I lose focus, but I lose the will to continue... or get really lazy... or think what I just wrote is crap. Stupid Virgo.

Current Projects

(check my Creative Tumblr for up-to-date projects and progress percentages)

Favorite Authors
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