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Help, it's only a month until 2014 and I achieved nothing ahaha. Also, it's nice to see people wanting to keep Luna up so badly. I almost feel sad for giving up on Luna already but my statement stands. I am barely online (I wish I was more but my muses die before I properly type up stuff) and I remember so many authors I respected that are not here anymore because of problems with Luna users, mods, etc...

Maybe Luna can become a nice place again. Maybe I can type up something and publish haha...that was a good one cries


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I think I found myself a bias I won't change so fast again. While Sano and Suzuya still hold a special place in my heart forever, I think I settled with someone I'D NEVER ACTUALLY CONSIDER DATING IRL but since this is fiction, it works. Yeah, congrats, A-ya, you little fucker.

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