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∞ MONTHLY UPDATE ∞ 19 August 2016 ∞

Things never seem to go as planned! Unfortunately, I have had a HUGE block with regards to Words Whisper, Actions Scream. I honestly can't tell you when it will be updated next. I will not just discontinue the story, but for the moment, it is definitely on hold.

I'm doing the monthly challenge! My response is Life's Little Snippets! :)

In other news, I've decided to try this new thing called write the entire story before posting any of it. So Gym Startup is about 4 chapters in. I don't plan on posting it to Luna until it's been completed, but you can read Chapter 1 here.


∞ Born December 27
∞ 22 years old
∞ Colorado Native
∞ Civil Engineer
∞ Graduate Student
∞ Teaching Assistant

∞ Stories since 2000
∞ Fanfiction since 2005
∞ Reader-inserts since 2011

I love my major. I love my job. I love my friends. In general, I'm a very loving, happy person! :)



Words Whisper, Actions Scream
Reader X Volkner
Chapter 8: In Progress
Projected Chapters: 14

Life's Little Snippets
Reader X Various
Original (Same Universe as Misconceptions)
Chapter 4: In Progress
Projected Chapters: 10

Gym Startup
Professor Sycamore x Reader
Pokémon X/Y
4 of 20 Chapters Written
Expected Release Date: August 2017

The Other Princess

On Hold:
Sugar Cookies & Birthday Candles
WWYFF (2 guys)
1 of 7 Chapters Rewritten


Luna [Here]

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Please let me know if you find my stuff on an account that doesn't link here and/or isn't listed above. Thank you!

I reserve the right to remove anything from this or other accounts of mine without prior notice or warning. :3

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