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Yeah, There\'s not much to say about me. I\'m just your average person who gets random writing moods.

I love writing CYOA\'s and Short Stories best. Those are also the kind of stories that I read most often too. I\'m the kind of person who also HATES a lot of description, which is why I have a hard time reading books like \'Lord of the Rings\' where it takes 15 pages to describe a tree *dies.*

Current status:
I finished Darkened Tide so I can finally put that behind me! Now I can focus on the other stories I have kind of forgotten about. On that list I will be working on:
99+1 Souls
Crystal Tears
Misery Business

I will also be working on the following stories for Musical thoughts:
The Haunting (Kratos)
Look better when drunk (Kirk)
Dance with the Devil (Altair)
Vicarious (Stein)
One night in Bangkok (Seto)
Son of Man (Spock)
Bet on Me (Arthur)
Descent of Archangel (Garrus)
Follow Me (Alistair)

Update as of October 23:
So I just got back from an anime con and decided to come back onto Luna just to see what was going down. I was SHOCKED to see how many people loved my stories. I was about ready to throw in the towel. So I want to thank all of you guys for giving me new found writing spirit. That being said, I\'ve started a fanfiction on DA and I\'m debating if I should put it up here. It\'s called Butterfly Kisses and it\'s a fallout story based on my my own adventures in the fallout world.

I\'ll be updating most of my stories soon. Though \"soon\" is a relative term. I am doing Nanowrimo this year and I am determined to write this sunnavabitch if it kills me.
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