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The News:

Have I told you that I loved you lately? No?


I\'ve been stuck in such a rut trying to crank out anything for my fanfics. I\'ve tried leaving them alone (only to realize they won\'t write themselves). I\'ve tried starting new fics or even just writing down my ideas (and then getting distracted by those ideas). I\'ve even tried re-reading/watching the mangas/animes (again distracted by others that are similar).

Then I thought, well maybe the problem is me.

So, lately I\'ve been to writing classes and seminars, and reading books on how to improve my writing skills. The first thing I realized after all of this was my first (and biggest) mistake was posting anything that wasn\'t a final draft, much less actually completed. I am so, so sorry. Looking back, I was young and eager to share something I\'d thought up with other people instead of sitting down and making sure it wasn\'t just a scene or two that I was trying to make a fanfic out of. Then, on top of that, I didn\'t make sure that I completely developed the idea all the way (Three Act Structure and whatnot) so as I started writing, it wouldn\'t flop. I have learned so much. However, looking back at the fics I have started and posted so far...they could be so much better. Now that I know how to properly plot and write a story, I really would like to go back and rewrite my fics. And I don\'t mean just one or two of them, but rather, all of them. Even the finished ones. Here\'s my thoughts broken down:

Tainted Blood: Complete rewrite; especially the Beginning. I started writing this before Kishi made a mess of the plot. Of course, I hate that he\'s killed off most of my favorite characters and I don\'t like the direction the story\'s going now. So, the big question is \"why in the hell am I writing a story that follows a plot I can\'t stand?\" Good question. So, if I don\'t like the plot, I won\'t like the plot I\'ve come up with. If I don\'t like the plot I\'ve come up with, I won\'t want to write. Thus, I\'d have to completely re-work the entire plot then rewrite the entire story. If I did, it would be a whole lot better and more interesting since I could do what I wanted with the characters.

Black Rose: This story is great, I\'ve just reached the cursed \"sagging middle\". So I need to go back and replot the story, rewrite what I\'ve written, and continue on with a stronger, solid plot.

Black Cloaks: I can keep what I have, but I should plot out the rest so that it makes sense, not that it needs to. However, I was thinking about rewriting my chapters so they\'re in first person. I think it would be funnier to see everything that\'s going on and hear her immediate thoughts.

Simple Manipulation: Hm, I\'d like to rewrite just to see how it turns out using Storybook. For now, I\'ll leave it untouched and will take it down when I have its rewritten version ready.

Bite Me: I originally wanted to switch P.O.V.s for each chapter but I think if I replot it, I could write the entire story from Itachi\'s P.O.V. alone. Something that hasn\'t been done before.

So tell me what you think. Either PM me or send me an email. I\'d like feedback because it would help me better structure my fics. And this time, I won\'t post them until I\'m officially done with them.

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