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HEY THERE! Thanks for visiting! Well lets see...what is interesting about me? Not much really (I\'m quite an old soul even though I\'m not old) Love anime. Right now I\'m watching this one called Koi Kaze. LOVE IT!! Although beware! it is NOT for every one since the main theme is incest. That doesnt matter to me though because it has a sense of realism to it that can sometimes be hard to capture with any sort of animation. Sailor Moon is my favorite. (It\'s what started it all.) Currently I\'m reading the manga Red River. OH! And I am 125% in love with the shows Dexter and True Blood. So yeah...feel free to review on my stories (as of 2/25/10 it\'s only story...) or e-mail me. THANKS!! P.S. I also play video games a really A LOT.

UPDATE! (6/13/10)
Okay...I know, I know. I\'m a terrible person that doesn\'t update. I\'m really almost done with chapter two of TRTOF and hopefully will be able to post it soon. Maybe I\'m just turning into to much of an old person. I literally go to bed at nine o\'clock! Anyway, Thanks to all that have reviewed and everyone that is following my so far one story.
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