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Teehee. ^_^

How to describe me? It\'s a tough one. Let\'s just start with the basics...

My friend suckered me into this account.


Some favorite animes are:

Death Note
Fruits Basket

Video game favorites:

Kingdom Hearts series
Spyro series
DDR series
Guitar Hero series
Naruto: Ultimate Ninja series
Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles 2
Pokemon Colisseum (sp?)
Animal Crossing
Harvest Moon

Favorite characters:

Sabaku no Gaara
Nara Shikamaru
Inuzuka Kiba
Hyuga Neji
Hyuga Hinata
Mihael Keehl, or Mello for those who haven\'t read all of DN
L Lawliet (Ryuzaki)

Favorite artists on DA:


Some of the coolest people out there write fanfiction, and though I\'m not cool (sadly) I still write my heart out! Most of my fanfiction on this account will be centered around fluffy oneshots that I adore making in my spare time, to the tune of music, to the beat of my heart.

I take story requests. Pairings in my fics usually include GaaraOC, ShikaTema, KibaHina, NarutoOC, NaruHina, and others. I also like the occasional yaoi, but I can\'t write it to save my life. I also don\'t do lemon.

Pairings I condone:


Holy crap, that\'s a lot of pairings...

And by the way, whoever said nothing\'s impossible never tried to slam a revolving door, so it IS impossible for me to NOT have spurts of horrible horrible writer\'s block. I do hope you readers forgive me for any and all delays on chapter fics, which I will occasionally post. Hopefully SOMEONE took time out of their day to read this, and will therefore not review saying \"where the heck is the update?\" and will attempt to be patient with me...

That\'s all for now, minna! Hope you take a chance and check out my work!


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Update: September 25th, 2009

Hello out there, all my wonderfully faithful readers! A little birdie told me that my profile page was incredibly lame and boring compared to most here on Lunaescence. So, I shot the bird, cooked it on a spit, and danced naked around the flames in the fire pit while it was roasting.

Then I realized that yes, in fact, my profile page is rather boring, and maybe it was time to give it a little update. 8D

Stories currently in the works:


A response to One Last Wish\'s \"100 Themes Challenge.\" One hundred short stories and drabbles about growing up in Sunagakure with everyone\'s favorite red-headed panda-face. This has over 100 reviews and I\'m only on chapter 28!!! I\'m so happy - all of you reading this, you make my life amazing. *heart*

I swear I\'m still working on this!! D: It\'s been rough trying to find inspiration for Deidara, no matter how much I adore him, with all that\'s been going on lately. I\'m heavily considering putting it on hold until I finish ~*Akasuna*~...but I\'ll let my readers be the judges of that. It may be for the best. *gestures to \'contact author\' button*

Work, work, work, and more work. This is a real-life thing, guys - I hold down a full time job, and overtime has been plentiful lately. Good for my paycheck, bad for my muse. I\'m grateful to have such patient readers who wait diligently for the next chapter to my stories. ^_^

Last but not least, I\'ve been doing a lot of other things with what little free time I have. Example, there\'s a talent show I\'m participating in tomorrow night - tonight is dress rehearsal, after which I\'ll try to squeeze out another chapter of ~*Akasuna*~, and then tomorrow will more than likely be spent getting ready for said show. Also, cosplay is on the agenda - it\'s not until April, but I\'m already planning for Anime Boston 2010! (If you plan on being there, don\'t be shy - speak up! I\'d love to see you!) My cosplays are pretty much lined up, they just need to be tweaked a bit.

That said, I\'ll be in Massachusetts next weekend, raising holy hell with Sasu and Sidden. 8D

Anyways, just wanted to let everyone know what\'s been going on that\'s causing some lack of updates. I\'m considering dropping iShuffle? Maybe. It depends on when inspiration strikes. I\'d like to start up a booklet with fics that just drop out of my head based on what song I\'m listening to...I wonder who would read that? :3

So, yes. Feel free to contact me for any reason at all - I\'m a beta, I sometimes take ficlet requests, and I\'ve been told I\'m a fairly nice person, so...have at, I guess. xD

Update: October 15th, 2009

I wonder how many people check profiles to read these things...

Anyways. Another update for my fabulous readers...I must apologize for the lack of, well, anything out of me for the last...what. Two weeks? I think that\'s how long it\'s been since I updated anything...It\'s been a rough couple of weeks, guys. Work is still keeping me plenty busy; as if that wasn\'t enough, I\'ve been making plans for cosplay, plans for Anime Boston \'10, plans for getting an apartment by next summer...It may sound like I\'ve got plenty of time to do that, but trust me, six months goes way faster when you\'re trying to save money and you\'re worried you won\'t have enough time to do so.

Being one of the only two salary earners in my household (of my mom, my dad, and myself) isn\'t helping too much either.

But, I persevere! Let\'s\'s what\'s going on in writing-land right now:

I swear, I haven\'t given up on this. Prompt 30 has had me stuck for the last two weeks...I wrote about half of it, decided I hated it, trashed it, and can\'t think of anything at all for now. My mind is drawing a blank...I\'m hoping inspiration will strike at some random point when it\'s raining. Or something. I don\'t know. I\'m too tired to think right now. xD

This story is officially on hold. Sorry guys, I just can\'t keep up with it. I\'ll announce when I\'m ready to start cranking out chapters for Deidara again - please be patient!

Operation: Distance

This is the spawn of many months of no inspiration. It\'s a Gaara x OC fanfic that I\'ve been working on since summer started, and have been hesitant to post because there are original characters present. (OC stories don\'t receive positive response?) But, honestly, I have nothing else to give you guys right now, and it\'s the only thing I\'m actually working on in my spare I hope it will tide you over. Character bios will go up in separate chapters (short bios, that is); Emiko\'s will be up at the end of chapter 2, others to go up after certain chapters.

Other than that, there\'s really nothing on my list for you right now. Work is still work, still trying like hell to make myself permanent/full time/whatever gets me a bigger paycheck. As of November 18th, 2009, I\'ll have been at this job for a whole year as temporary. *Dances*

That said, I\'m going to go finish this scanning stuff before lunch. You all behave yourselves, now!
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