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I\'ve removed my stories.
Contact me if you want them.
They are not to be published anywhere for any reason whatsoever.
If you have found someone has done this, inform me immediately.

Q: Will you be publishing work here soon?
A: As of right now, that is very unlikely. I haven\'t written in months, and my life and future career dictate that I attend to them first and everything else second.

Q: Can I have ____?
A: I will send them to you when time permits and I remember to do so. You are not granted the permission to publish any of my work anywhere, for any reason at all. I don\'t give a damn why you want to. But, the first step to anything like that is to be given permission.

You can ask me questions regarding any of my old work or what have you. I\'m very much approachable.

if you want to stay in touch:
follow me on tumblr
email me through \"contact author\"
or ask for my skype on tumblr

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