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Um....there is a small problem....actually a few of them....

You see I\'m still a work in progress as you all may know, but i\'m slowly working it out...but the thing is, without a Beta reader to help me, my still horrid grammar skills I\'m still trying to fix, and the writer block i keep getting for the stories i have below it becoming a problem.

I Need to do a major revise on ALL my stories and make them better so i can serve and entertain you lovely readers who even bother to glance at my work(Which i thank you for by the way) since i missing three of the six MOST important things in a story. So for now, beside dropping in the make sure my account doesn\'t get dropped and checking in on stories....i will be busy trying to get valditate so i can post stories faster and have better stories for you guys to read.

Thanks for dealing with me and i will pay you guys back by a lot!

And a Beta Reader will REALLY HELP ME!!! Send a email to me with you username from Lunaescence and what you expect in a story please. I really need the help....

And to those who have story requests from Plushie Madness, Those will be the first thing i\'m going to work on so don\'t worry about it.

Devil May Cry:

Life With the Twins

Re-Checking( Second Installment? to \"Venting\"

Castle of Devils

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!:

Being Female Sucks

Supernatural Life?

Yu Yu Hakusho:

From Normal to Supernatural

Death Once is One Too Many( process of revising)

What the Hell?!(process of revising)



Will be updated later...

*where profile is suppose to be*

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