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I don\'t know if I\'ll be posting many of my things on here at least for a while because I\'m busy with finals and other things but as soon as I do post something i hope the feedback will be positive *crosses fingers* XD.

I\'ve started a couple new stories during math class, i get writers block a lot =P but hopefully the end results will be good!

Anyway my name is Ashley and i love writing hilarious yaoi stories with my friends. I apologize to those people who hate yaoi stories. So now heres some stuff about me:

favorite anime: fma and death note

favorite color(s): black and red

favorite books: all of them! bwahahaha but i would have to say Harry Potter and Uglies series are up there

favorite food: pizza yum.. and candy, LOTS of candy

favorite drink(s): tea and baileys (not together ugh)

hobbies: writing yaoi fanfics and photography

favorite band(s): My Chemical Romance definitely sits in first place but i also like Simple Plan (yes I like them and if you have a problem with it then *stcks out tongue* =D) and a lot of others like ABBA and Ace of Base and Basshunter the list goes on but I won\'t ramble on here

favorite time of day: night! thats still day in some ways =P

favorite subject: Biology :P

personality: CRAZEH! at least thats what everybody says...

goals: to become a writer or a millionaire or BOTH! (my back up is a nurse...)

favorite animals: ALL OF THEM! they\'re just so squishy and cuddly =D =D =D but a special hugz to llamas and monkeys and chihuahuas cause I have one..

Most stories will be: YAOI! (my friend thinks im a freak 4 that... oh well *droolz @ HPxDM pic*)

note: most of my stories are either fma ( no yaoi there though, my friend caught me and i almost died because of it), Twilight or Harry Potter based
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