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Hello random people who\'ve stumbled upon my account! I\'m Chrys, junior in college, budding author, and anime/manga fan! Mostly what I\'ll be posting here will be whatever the heck I feel like posting really, with maybe the occasional request. Anywho, see ya around!

I\'m Currently~
Listening to: Hikari no Rock
Watching: NCIS (I\'m always watching NCIS. Even in my dreams.)
Eating: n/a
Playing: Mass Effect
Reading: Lionboy: the Truth
Quote: \"If we canít write diversity into sci-fi, then whatís the point? You donít create new worlds to give them all the same limits of the old ones.\" Jane Espenson

6/24: Good lord, have I been neglecting this place. Sincerest apologies dears, I shall see what I can do about getting something updated, alright?

Current Story Works

Author Versus Bishie
no pairing
Match Ten

Hello, Awkward
Reader insert
Devil May Cry
Dante/Reader kinda sorta maybe

One Thousand Confessions
Reader insert/OC insert
Various/Reader, OC/Various
idk lololol *shot*

A Path to Insight
First person
no pairing
Chapter 9

Breaking Strength
Reader insert
Soul Eater
Chapter 3

Arbitrary Destinies
Reader insert
Final Fantasy Dissidia Duodecim
Chapter 1 (undecided on chaptered fic or one-shot)

And Then We Crash
Reader insert
Devil May Cry, AU
Vergil or Dante/Reader
stuff :U
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