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This is the collab account of BlackMystique and Hikari_no_Kage. It is managed by BlackMystique and we are currently working on \"Death of a Rose.\" It is based on an interesting RP we had that we manged to end. It\'s not everyday we end RP\'s! ^.^

(BlackMystique) Kelly: *glomps Ryou randomly*

Ryou: ...

(Hikari_no_Kage) Shay: ^^

Kelly: Whee!

Vinny: *fwooshes in*

Shay: O.O

Shay: *glomps Vinny* \'lo Vinny-tan!

Vinny: Hn...

Shay: ^^

Kelly: Sooo...what\'s up Ryou?

Ryou: Nothing.

Kelly: Okies. ^.^

Shay: ...

Vinny: ...

Ryou: ...

Kelly: ...Jeez, that was short-lived.

Shay and I were talking and we decided to make an Ask Ryou and Vincent thing, because of our fic. Why don\'t you go visit it?

Ask Vinny or Ryou! Or get your fortunes told!

You can also ask questions in the Lunaescence\'ll be there soon...hopefully.
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