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I was born on the day of Xemnas
In the month of Demyx
In the year of Xemnas, Demyx, Demyx and Vexen.
And I am Demyx + Zexion years old. You could also say that I\'m Axel + Lexeaus years old.
My favorite numbers are Axel/Zexion/Demyx/Roxas.
(But is really Xaldin)

But my lucky number is Demyx

Name\'s Aurora; and I can be either you\'re best friend or your worst enemy--
I wouldn\'t suggest the latter of the two.
I love my music, and my friends.
and if you pick on my friends, prepare to get your ASS KICKED!!!



Mood: Missing Dakota...
Wishing: My baby didn\'t have to go to rehab... WHO GOES TO REHAB FOR POT ANYWAY!?!?
Listening to: State Of Emergency- Papa Roach
Song In Head: Live This Down- Papa Roach
Lyrics/phrases in my head: \"I can\'t refuse the war inside; We have had enough, all the violence has touched every part of our lives, our innocence is gone toinght...\"{{Had Enough- Papa Roach}}
Demolition Lovers... Chapter two- untitled... 0 of 11/12
Niki FM... Chapter three, Niki... Page 3 of 6/7[lemon warning!]
Please Just One Last Song... Chapter 17, I don\'t Wanna Waste My Time, Or Become Another Casualty Of Society... Page 7 of 8/9/10
I\'m Not Okay I Promise(NEW!!!){Gerard Way}...Chapter two, Untitled...Page 0 of 8/9/10
Elementals(NEW!!!)...Chapter three, Flame ...Page 1 of 5/6/7

Next post- Book Of FAIL; Niki FM; I\'m Not Okay, I Promise; Or Elementals; all of them are awaiting approval.


House Of Wolves
(Maximum Ride Fan Fic)
Love interest- Fang X OC
OC- Ankoku, Has long mid back length black hair that is cut in choppy layers, two magenta highlights in her bangs, one on each side, Bangs cover her left eye completely. She has one ice blue eye (right) and one topaz eye (left) She\'s never without her black fingerless, elbow high gloves, and a black tee shirt with the stitching on the shoulders ripped up, and black skinny jeans with a hole in the right knee. she has huge black and red bat wings and a glossy black wolf tail(Retractable) and matching ears(Not retractable). She is 50% human, 48% wolf, and 2% bat.

One Song\'s Grace
(One shot/ Song fic book)
OC x various
OC changes for each fic

I\'m Not Okay, I Promise
(Gerard Way fic)
Love Interest- Gerard Way X OC
OC- Aurora Helena Dracula (Dra-cool-yah) she has mid back length crimson hair with black streaks, pale skin, and icy blue eyes.
(this is a cleaned up version of a fic I\'m going posting up on
SNEAK PEAK!! (Two exerpts from the actual in progress chapter one!!)

The deer looked up wildly, trotting around its clearing confused. The predator clawed at her tree, staring down at the deer hungrily. ‘Calm down Ra, you’ll scare it’ the predator looked up with her crimson eyes, and nodded to her red haired companion. ‘Concentrate, calm your mind, then become one with the wind, and swiftly, and silently take out your prey.’ The red head’s voice echoed in her ears, and she tensed, making herself silent, then pounced forward, her boot clad feet making no sound as she leapt from her tree branch. She landed on the deer, sinking her long fangs into its neck, and the only sound was the leaves in the trees gently rustling and the deer’s legs squirming and trying to propel it away from her deadly jaws.

He stared from his friend’s porch as a beautiful girl climbed out of her car, her long black and red hair falling around her shoulders, her icy blue eyes visible even from a long distance. She wore a long, elaborately embroidered, and beautiful black corset and dress. She opened the trunk of the car, and her guardians yelled something at her, and she started to tug on a box wedged into the trunk.

“Ugh! Fail!” he heard her yell. He stood up and walked toward her.

“Do you need some help?” She looked up as an angelic voice called her attention.

“Huh?” she asked, awestruck by his beauty as she turned to him. His wavy black hair swirling slightly in the wind, and his pale skin a sharp contrast to the dark circles around his eyes. His dark clothing hugged tight to his body, black skinny jeans and a tight misfits shirt with the sleeves ripped off, and a long sleeved grey shirt on under it, with holes cut into the sleeves for his thumbs, with a dark leather jacket on over it. His brownish green eyes widened as she turned, and he tried to find his words as she stared at him.

[[Under construction, being written right now]]
I\'m In Love With A Guy Who\'s MaD As rAbBiTs And He Wants Me To Help Him ReInVeNt LoVe!
(Brendon Urie fic)
Love interest- Brendon Urie X OC (Occasional implied Ryan Ross X OC)
OC- Alexandria Smith (yes she\'s Spencer\'s younger sister -.-\')
(This will also be a cleaned up version of something on
(SNEAK PEAK!! This is the only solid stuff I know right now, the rest is all unstable and constantly changing.)
Alexandria had always been second in her parents eyes. Spencer was the golden child and she was \'whatever\'. But even despite that Alexandria loves her brother, and possibly her child hood friend Brendon, the beautiful musician she\'s known since her brother\'s first sleep over during her kindergarden year. Now she\'s a sophmore in high school and he\'s a junior, in a band with her brother, and her best friend Ryan, and one of Brendon and Spencer\'s friends Jon. What kind of pretty odd things will happen when two weird kids who happen to be best friends fall in love? We\'ll see the MaDnEsS soon!!

I Miss You(Name may change)
Love interest-Jagger Maxwell x OC
OC- Aurora Sterling has shoulder blade length glossy black hair and golden eyes, she\'s a vampire and Alexander Sterling\'s twin sister.
(SNEAK PEAK!!! Possible SPOILERS to the beginning, this is the only SURE information I have right now other than small scenes and a little bit of unstable plot.)
Aurora and Alexander used to be triplets!! Jakobey Sterling was the little boys name, born after Aurora. Jakobey Alexander and Aurora were best friends with the Maxwell twins, until--DUN DUN DUN!!! Read it when it comes out if you wanna find out!!!
[[Under Construction, Hard copy in progress]]


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