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Some of you may know me from Quizilla (which has recently confused the hell outta me) or deviantART, or GaiaOnline, all under the same username.

- - - Roku\'s Stories - - -

\'Kiss It Better\' - A Fai D. Flowright Oneshot

\'All To Blame\' - A Zoids Drabble (Only one on Luna so far~)

\'Determination\' - Another Zoids Oneshot (Second on Luna~)

\'Anything To Find You\' - A Fai D. Flowright Mini-Series

\'Thirteen Ways. Thirteen Moments. Five Senses.\' - A Kanda Yuu thirteen poem thing.

- - - About Rokuku- - -

- I\'m Roku.

- I go by Tessy.

- I\'m fifteen

- I\'m a girl

- I don\'t think a series is in the future here; oneshots are what I do for the moment.

- I love it when I get constructive criticism, OOC warnings, or the occasional compliments on my stories. So talk to me; I won\'t bite.

- - - Important Dates - - -

June 20, 2oo8 - Friday; My Fai Oneshot got validated. -rejoice!-

June 22, 2oo8 - Sunday (I think) ; Zoids drabble was validated.

June 27, 2oo8 - Friday; Submitted my \'Determination\' oneshot earlier this morning, got it validated today. I\'m happy.

July 2, 2oo8 - July 5, 2oo8 - Wednesday - Saturday; I started typing up a small mini-series featuring Fai from Tsubasa Chronicles. I\'m almost done and will begin posting chapters now. I expect it to be under ten chapters, but I\'m not entirely sure.

July 5, 2oo8 - Saturday; Intro of \'Anything To Find You\' got validated

November 6th, 2oo8 - Geez, I haven\'t updated my bio in forever. . . Um, October 21st was my birthday; I\'m fifteen now. I\'m kinda on a writer\'s block for my Fai story. . . And I\'m thinking about writing for D.Gray-man. Dunno yet.

April 18th, 2oo9 - HAHAHA. I HAVEN\'T UPDATED MY PROFILE IN FOREVER. I\'m so lazyyyyy. So I finished \'Anything To Find You\' and I also posted that thirteen chapter Kanda poem thing as well as finished posting it.

- - - Stuff on Roku - - -

- I\'m very friendly on the internet, but in the real world, I\'m closed up and shy.

- I love video games and am recently fangirling over the Fire Emblem series - only Blazing Sword and Sacred Stones, though.

- I try my very hardest to write well, and I think I do okay at it. Though I know I probably don\'t have many people in character, I try honestly.

- I love adding little heartwarming bits into stories, and even if it is cheesy, I still like it. Even if it is a bit OOC.

- I\'m sorry, but I don\'t do second person stories. I usually do first person and third person, and give characters definite names.

- Even if it is a bit Mary-Sue-ish, I sometimes change the whole storyline around to something, from Tsubasa to Fire Emblem to Zoids, and others. I like to put a character in and twist things around to a setting I want, and two thirds of the time, those stories aren\'t even finished on paper, let alone typed.

- I encourage each and every single one of you to give me feedback on what I write to better myself in the fanfiction writing ways.

- I don\'t really have much of a social life and I\'m often here on Luna or somewhere else on the net, so feel free to e-mail me at for any requests/comments/etc. I like having people to talk to.

- I am quite random and love thinking about crack-ness to put into writing, though I never do it. Visuals can make me laugh very hard.

- I know it sounds freak-ish, but I will occasionally dream a story I write or am currently writing. It\'s often from a first person perspective, and I\'m looking out of the character\'s eyes. I love it, honestly; no matter how odd it is.

- I have crack dreams often. My dad said I\'m Japanese at heart because they all concern anime.

- I suppose I am an aspiring artist or authoress. Perhaps.

- I often start things and don\'t finish them story-wise. Either I lose the inspiration and never get it back, or I don\'t have time to type it up, or I just lose interest, and I know it\'s a bad trait, but everything I put on here I will do my very best to finish. Even if the endings are bad.

- Roku-chan is a Zoider and always has been.

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