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let my h.a.p.p.i.n.e.s.s s i n g - -

Sorry, I like to s.m.i.l.e.

H e r.label;;
- -hime.Sarah

H e r.stereotype;;
- -Filippino

H e r.beginning;;
- -o5.o9

H e r.obsession;;
- -fahrenheit | & | Ajoo\'s ABS!

H e r.realization;;
- -Asian dramas are AWESOME!

H e r.desire;;
- -My computer back!
- -Photoshop
- -Moar J/K/C-Pop fics (-Melts-)
- -A new game...
- -My Rottie
- -Moar money (x.e)

H e r.flaws;;
- -Procrastination
- -Disorganization
- -Self conscious
- -Easily distracted (OMG! AJOO\'S ABS!)

got.A.s e c r e t;;
can y o u k e e p it - -

Update: 05/09/10
Eating Pixie Stix. Currently owning three ratsChihuahuas. Now living in a two bedroom apartment. Having Asian drama withdrawals. Really wishing that Wu Chun remains singlebecauseIwanthimallformyself. In the mood for crab, shrimp and pasta. Drinking soda. Really hot (and I don\'t mean looks... >\\). In love with Winter. Wishing for more rain. An rp\'er. A gamer. Finally owning a cellphone. Jumbling 9845739457 fanfiction ideas. Guilty of playing Runescape (...). Turned her complete attention to Asian guys. Never going to see that Valentines Day movie. A photoshop whore. In need to color manga scans. Also in need to make more icons. Going to return to writing. Currently working on a Fahrenheit 4 shot booklet (which by the way, will be written within 10k+ words... Yes, these one shots are going to be L.O.N.G)

P.S I love you: This is random... o.O

in.P r o g r e s s~
Accidentally Yours Truly

s l o w.Updates
Breaking Point
Dancing the Winter Sonata
The Sweetest Escape

officially.C o m p l e t e d
A bit of Friendly Help
Gay Boyfriend
Go Go Keyblade Rangers!
Here\'s to a Beautiful World
If You Were Gay
It\'s all within a Nickname
Live, Love and Have a Free Mind
Shut Up Sharkboy!
Strawberry Flavored
Stupid By Default

M i s c~
Mood: Obsessing
Song: Mo Mo by Fahrenheit
Watching: Asian dramas
Fangirling: Wu Chun, Jiro Wang, Mike He, Ajoo, Jimmy Lin, Nicholas Tse & Hu Ge
Reader Insert: Male!C/J/K Pop Singer&ActorxReader

R a n d o m~
DBZ Abridged
Kami: Mr. Popo, where did you take them?
Mr. Popo: I\'ll tell you where they\'re not... Saaaaaaafe~\'s.For.the.Happiness;;
I\'ll be wishing y o u f o r e v e r - -

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