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Hello. You may call me Hazelnut.

Iĺve been interested in games and anime since Tsunami on cartoonetwork and when my brother got a Nintendo and Sega Genesis. Iĺve always imagined how the story would be if the person I see myself as was in it, so many of the OC characters that Iĺve made will have a little bit of me in it. After all you should try to write about what you knowů
Lol. >//< Please donĺt judge me for itů




Title: 21st Century D. Gray-man: Sage
Category: D. Gray-man
Set in a fictional 21st century, 21st century D. Gray-man: Sage is a futuristic D. Gray-man story where the Black Order has been annihilated, and all of our heroes have died. The Millennium Earl destroyed the Heart and with nothing to purge the world of the evil, humanity faces extinction unbeknownst to them.

Layla is a 18-year-old girl whose naivety and self-sacrificial traits put her in a bloody situation. Fearing for the well being of her family Jasmine makes the decision to leave behind the safety of her home and everything she worked for and loves in the hopes of protecting them and to destroy the very beings that threaten all that she loves; The demonic weapons called Akuma.

Hey! If anybody wants to read my drafts to 21st Century D. Gray-man: Sage then cĺmon and e-mail me. I will also give credit where credit is due so if you give me a idea and help me then I will mention it and I may even try you do a little bit more for you than that if I can...
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