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I\'m 22 I like original stories, and live and dream off of Sci-Fi Fantasy.

I\'m in currently a Senior in college majoring in English.

I don\'t like being outside, and my computer is my friend, while Word is my lover ... or would be you know ... if it was a human being.

I don\'t write Fan Fiction because I can\'t write stories that don\'t happen in my universes ...

I love writing, and if I ever break my right hand I would surely die from writing deprivation.

Some of the things that reoccur through most of my stories are:

1. the idea that the soul is a major part of who we are
2. our eyes are the window to our souls.
3. it\'s our memories and experiences that shape us
4. no matter how hard we try, things will always happen out of our control
5. every human is gray. We are not light or dark. We are neither good nor evil. We are neutral, and its society that determines if our shade of gray is lighter or darker then most.

THREATS:Oh, since all my stories are original don\'t you dare steal them without my permission. FanArt\'s okay ... but I doubt I\'ll get anything from anyone besides AnimeMonkey [Erus_Ira]....

I\'m really just rambling right now, if you haven\'t noticed.

Oh ... I nearly forgot.

don\'t forget it

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