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I finally decided to construct a profile. I suppose it is a bit over due. There is not much, but I figure that will change as I think of more things to add. Random tidbits about myself and my stories can be found below. Nothing too important is to be learned; or I could be wrong. Who knows.

I am a student so that dominates the ninety percent of my life that is not yet devoted to writing and thinking. Currently I am doing at least 60 hours of homework each week so needless to say writing is not my main priority. When not studying I tend to occupy myself with homework that I give myself as well as reading. As such updates will be slow, but that is nothing that is too unusual. I do promise to update as quickly as humanly possible when I am not collapsing from exhaustion.

For those people who like random information I am the author formerly known as Deathangel113 of the deceased My fanfiction roots and passion were born there.

~ Currently ~

Mood: bonne
Well liked word: stygain
Coddling: story ideas.
Working on: reading and writing
Ignoring Failing to ignore:nothing.
Inspiration(s): emotions and the quiet.
Studying: French and Serial Killers (lovely combination)
Needing to: work on Japanese, Chinese, Latin, Romanian general language and violin studies... and drawing... among many other things.

7 January 2014: Happy New Years!
I have managed to finish one story and then sit down and type up the latest two chapters for another story. Those were even posted. So far I would say that this year if off to a good start. I am hoping to have some more updates in February at the earliest.

I do have an account on GOTV under the same penname, but I have not gotten around to posting any stories there since Lunaescence is remaining active.

~ Stories ~

There is nothing much to say about them at the moment. I am currently in the process of updating my stories and writing out the random one shots that demand to be placed on paper. So far the shorter writings are winning the battle. However, focus is turning more to the longer chapter stories.

All stories will be finished. Some just take longer than others.

From Around the Corner
Nightmare (one-shot, possible multi-chapter)
Something\'s Coming Over Me (one-shot - 05% completed)
Try Again (one-shot)

To be Updated:
A Tumultuous Affair: (chapter forty-five - in progress)
Beneath Every Full Moon A Lone Wolf Cries: (chapter twelve - 30% completed)
Darkness\' Call
Fururen Anijiru: The Broken Mirror: (chapter eight - 10% completed)

Challenges Being Tackled:

\"120 Theme Ficlets\" by DamnBlackHeart
In-progress: none
Completed: 44/120
Posted: 44/120

Stories posted here may also be found on under the penname of Deathangel113. Along with stories suffering the terrible need to be revised.

\"A man who limits his interests limits his life.\" ~ Vincent Price

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