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Name: Chloe Hauber

Age: 14

Appearance: brown hair to shoulder blades, green eyes, 5\'5\",

Personality Defined by Haylle: Serious, likes having fun when possible, but the calm one of our bffs.

Hobbies: Watching anime, reading, writing, talking to my besties, hanging out, shopping, singing, dancing, volleyball.

Favorite Anime: Vampire Knight, Bleach, Death Note, Fruits Basket, Fullmetal Alchemist,

Favorite Games: Final Fantasy XII, VII, VIII, X, X-2; Kingdom Hearts I and II; Nintendogs, American Idol Karaoke.

Least Favorite Anime: Saiyuki

Least Favorite Game: Unknown at the moment.


Hey people! It\'s Chloe(Pronouced C-Low-Y) and I am so happy to have started my own Luna Escence account. All the stories on here are way better then then ones on Quizilla. I swear some of the people on there write like they are 3 year olds! And the stories are way too short. But on the brighter side I can\'t wait to add all these stories I have been working on. They are REALLY good and super funny so once you read them don\'t be afraid to send your opinion, whether it be a compliment or critisism, both are useful to any writer. I mean everyone needs a little feed back, Right? But any way I am like a freshman in high school and right now writing is my passion. Same with my Best friend Haylle, who I have known for like, let\'s see, I have known her since the second grade, but anyway we have been tight ever since. Also read some of her stuff too. it is REALLY GOOD! Okay that\'s it. WAIT no I would also like to say most of my stories are either going to crackfics or romances for the final fantasy games or about vampires! Okay, now I am finished.


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La Tua Cantante
Pairing: Zack X OC
Type: Chaptered

Vampire Knight
Bleeding Heart
Pairing: OC X Kaname or Zero. Undecided
Type: Chaptered

Fruits Basket
Pairing: OC X Haru



Death Note




Fullmetal Alchemist

Kingdom Hearts



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