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Sorta new to this writing thing but ill give it my best!
so wish me luck!
or you will all die...

i like to watch/ read Inuyasha, Full MetaL Alchemist, Yu Yu Hakusho, Love Hina, Dragon Ball Z/GT , Naruto and others...

my fav color is black and red (no im not a goth... a lot of people think that i am one just becuz i cover one of my eyes with my bangs and my hair is black with red tips and 2 red streaks in front! )


if you want to kno what i look like, im around 5\'1\" and i have medium length black hair (with red tips and 2 red streaks blah blah blah). i have brown eyes i wear black eyeliner but just cuz i do people call me somewhat evil... but thats when they get on my nerves...

My mood right now....hmmm..... bored.... basicaly im a girl who makes people laugh, gets pissed real easily (it can be controlled... sometimes) and i get seriuos when i have to... mostly
when im with my friends they say i act like Youko from YYH

my music that i listen to is anything really. what ever i feel like listening to i put it in my stereo and lay around doing nothing. ill either be doing that most of the time or ill be playing my red electric guitar by myself or with the band im in ^.^

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