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| About Me |

Hi there! I'm Sharp Shiny Pickle, or SSP! I'm an upperclassman electrical and computer engineer, so I basically have no time for anything that isn’t living in lab. Therefore, this profile is a work in progress~ I’ve been writing silly stories for eight years and been a moderator here on Lunaescence for almost five years now. The majority of my stories are Hiei reader inserts, but I’ve been secretly expanding into different story types, fandoms, and genres!’ll probably never see them unless I have a change of heart.

| Story Progress |

Through Tinted Lens:
Current Chapter: R3D (Chapter 2)
Next Chapter Progress: Started.
Projected Chapters Remaining: 7
Motivation Level: Decent! I really am pleased with how this story is going to end, so I want to hurry up and get to the last couple of chapters. :’3

Tournament Troubles:
Current Chapter: Bloodlust (Chapter 26)
Next Chapter Progress: Not started, but the chapter after this one is finished!
Projected Chapters Remaining: ~15
Motivation Level: ...p-pretty nonexistent, to be honest. :x I’ll...get on it soon, I promise.

| Moderator Information |

For questions or help, please use the ‘Contact Author’ option or send an email to SharpShinyPickle[at]gmail[dot]com. If I don’t respond in a timely manner, then you can always try emailing moderators.luna[at]gmail[dot]com or asking your question on the forum!

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