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I\'m a fan fiction writer as well as an actual WRITER-WRITER. I\'ve been getting one of my stories ready to be published for a long time now, so it should be getting out next year, maybe later. o_O

I write fan fictions for the following series/games/etc:

- Bleach
- Death Note
- Naruto
- InuYasha
- Full Metal Alchemist (FMA)
- Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist)
- Jet Set Radio Future (JSRF)
- Twilight Series (I honestly don\'t know why they are so popular. Most of them have main characters that wish to murder Edward Cullen.... WTF, FAN GIRLS? XD)

Writing/Reading Stuff:

- I never do/read crossovers. Honestly, they get on my nerves o_O
- I was a writer at Anime Spiral until it shut down
- I was a writer at Fan Lib until IT shut down =_=
- My favorite OC names to use are Alexis, Yuri, and Nozomi. Chances are, if you see them, they\'re bitches as well 8D
- I love romance stories, but not cliched shit
- Prussia is the shit, no matter who tries to take his crown
- My style is dark and rather evil, but it usually ends up alright
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