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I felt the Urge to Make Another Account, so here\'s my 2nd Account: XxGrimmulqui-ChanxX! Don\'t Worry, I\'ll still be using this One.... ;)

Where I Live: San Diego,California, U.S.A.
Favorite Show: \"Avatar:The Last Airbender\"
Favorite Nation on \"Avatar\": Northern Watertribe (FireNation in 2nd Place)
Favorite Characters on \"Avatar\": Zuko, Azula, Katara, Kya, Ursa, Ozai, Jun, Iroh, Suki, Mai, and Yue
Favorite Season: Winter
Favorite Color: Royal/Baby Blue
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
B-Day: Jan. 27th
Age: 16

*Just a Note*: I\'m the type that favs. a story, but doesn\'t review it. Please don\'t hate me, but I have a terrible time putting my thoughts into words!

OMG!OMG!OMG! It\'s my year Anniversary of being on this Site! PARTY TIME! *Does a Happy Little Dance, then sits down to eat some Cake*

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~*~Quotes by Me~*~
\"To want something you can\'t have is terrible....but to want something you can have but be too afraid to take the risk to get it, that is truly the worse of the two....\"
\"It takes Strategy to Win a Battle, but Wisdom to Win a War.\"
\"It\'s a sad thing that adults don\'t always listen to children. Children are right about many things, and they\'re usually brave enough to speak what adults dare not say....\"
\"It\'s greater to be a child than a adult. Though children lack power and control, at least they still have the comfort of living in their own innocent little world, unknowing to all the pain this world can bring....\"
\"Sometimes we need to walk in other people\'s shoes, only then can we understand why they do the things they do.\"
\"It\'s better to be trapped in a room with a bunch of annoying people, than it is to be trapped in this world all alone....\"
\"Every sin you commit will be forgiven, as long as you can forgive yourself.\"
\"There is a Huge Difference between an Idiot and a Fool. An Idiot doesn\'t have Smarts. A Fool has the Smarts, but chooses not to use them....\"
\"My mind is a terrible place to be in. There, there is no escape....\"
\"I\'m a monster in human form....\"
\"I don\'t Feel Guilty for the things I have done in the Past. I feel Guilty for the Things that I will do in the Future....\"

\"You know the good thing about Nightmares? Once you wake from them, You Can barely remember them. It\'s as if they never happened at all.... You can barely remember the Reason why you were even afraid in the 1st Place. All you have to do is lie your head back down and go to sleep....And in the Morning Reality will Consume your Nightmare, and you\'ll realize it was all just a Dream.... But in my World, The Nightmare IS Reality. You can never Escape....But you can always Dream....\"
\"Nothing is Really Fair in Love and War....but Everything is Fair in Revenge, Yes?\"
\"I Love to get New Toys! You know my Favorite Part about Getting a New Toy....? I Love to Break Them.... That\'s Why I\'m so Glad you\'re my New Toy! I can\'t Wait to Play with you....\"
\"Here\'s Something you Must Understand. If You can\'t Destroy Your Victim with Violence, the Next Best Thing is to Destroy them with Words. Speak and Strike Fear in to their Hearts. Find their Weaknesses and Use them Against Them. Show No Mercy as You Rip Their Soul to Shreads. Of All the Lessons I\'ve Learned in my Short Lifetime, This By Far Is the Most Important. And This is Why, as Long as I Exist, I Shall Never Forgot this Lesson. I\'ll Keep it Close to my Heart \'till the Very End....\"
\"I\'m Just like WallPaper. I\'m easily Torn Down and Replaced....\"
\"In this Game of Cat and Mouse, I\'m Always the Mouse Pretending to be The Cat....\"
\"Was I so obsessed with trying to defeat the demon, that I became the demon myself?\"
\"You were Born Lucky, but it Seems that I was Born Cursed! Life has always been a Struggle for Me....It Seems that Death is Just the Same....\"

\"When we expect hugs, we instead get punches. When we expect punches, we instead get hugs. That is just the way our world works.... Sad, isn\'t it? But then again, this only aids to make us Stronger and more Aware.... Perhaps the Way of Our World isn\'t as Bad as We Think....\"
Animes I\'m Currently Watching: Death Note, FullMetal Alchemist, Bleach, Blood+, Kekkashi
Mangas I\'m Currently Reading: Death Note, Loveless, Bleach, He\'s Dedicated to Roses, Angel Sanctuary, Vampire Knight, Naruto, Snow In The Dark, Desire Climax, Do You Want to Try?, Confidential Confessions, Kimi ni Todoke, Koisuru Boukun, Kiss In Darkness
Mangas I Completed Reading: Pandora\'s Cube, Boys Next Door, Die, Love Strip, Falling, Sono Kuchibiru ni Yoru no Tsuyu
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Challenges I Created on Luna: You\'re A Womanizer!, I Want to Feel the Car Crash, What Could Possibly go Wrong....?, And What do you mean by that?!, Today I Lost Everything...., You\'re my toy....I\'ll play with you until you break.

If you have any Questions about me or if you just feel like talking, feel free to E-Mail me at ! I\'ll try to Reply to you as soon as Possible.... (But if you do E-Mail me, Please put somewhere in the E-Mail that you\'re from Luna [or Lunaescence, whichever you prefer]!)

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