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Name: Poison Girl
Alias: Lulu Lawliett
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Formerly Known as BamsBaby


L-sama, Loveless, Poison Girl


North Carolina

Full Time Nursing Student but I am also a pharmacy technician and Certified Nurses Assistant.

I like artsy stuff... >.>
And writing, obviously...

Let\'s skip the long-winded rant and just say that there is a lot of things I don\'t like. Meh.

Favorite Foods
Sushi. Pasta. Italian Food. Spicy Foods. Cup cakes. Don\'t judge me. >.>

About Me
Meh, I\'m not too good at putting myself into words - which is surprising for someone who writes all the time. I guess that all I can really say is that I\'m a laid back college student, but I wasn\'t always. I like to think that I\'m open minded, but I can be a real bitch when I went to.

I love rock music.
My favorite band in the world is HIM.
I also like keeping and open mind to everything so I listen to a lot of international music, hip-hop, some country (in small doses) and a little pop...
I\'m currently on a SHINee binge - but this is mostly due to my addiction with watching Taemin dance...

I have an Asian fetish (go figure).
I have a secret obsession with Japanese musicals.
I have 3 tattoos and plans for more.
I have a twin sister!
I was born and raised in Connecticut.
Boston Red Sox rock.
Yes, I am a Nascar fan - eat me.
I write yaoi and canon things but I don\'t post them here - those are under my account under the penname \"Italian Roulette\".

\"Aww~\" Break

Saiyuki/Reload/Blast/Gaiden/Ibun ★ Katekyo Hitman Reborn! ★ Naruto Shippuuden ★ Chobits ★ Wild Adapter ★ xxxHolic ★ Bleach ★ Prince of Tennis ★ Chrono Crusade ★ Black Butler ★ Tsubasa Chronicles ★ Hana Yori Dango ★ Hana-Kimi ★ Dragon Ball Series ★ Sailor Moon ★ Death Note ★ Devil May Cry ★ Zoids (Chaotic Century and New Century) ★ Ouran High School Host Club ★ Fullmetal Alchemist ★ Yu Yu Hakusho ★ Vampire Princess Miyu ★ Junjou Romantica ★ Yami no Matsuei ★ Fruits Basket ★ Demon Diary ★ Last Exile ★ Wolf\'s Rain ★ Samurai Champloo ★ Rurouni Kenshin ★ Loveless ★ Inuyasha ★ Ranma 1/2 ★ Hellsing ★ Anything Miyazaki ★ More that I don\'t feel like listing ^^;

I don\'t know what else to say so if there\'s anything you\'d like to know, I guess let me know??

~Poison Girl

*Poison Girl at work*
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