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Hi there, Evil_Angel here. I go mainly by Kat, as most people call me nowadays.
Here\'s a little info on me:

Name: Not telling. But it does start with a \'K\'.
Age: 20...adulthood SUCKS. Don\'t let them lie to you!
Height: 5\'9 Yes I\'ve grown! ^_^
Hair: Dark brown. I\'m growing it back out again. ^_^
Eyes: Murky brown, though the shade varies on my moods.
Personality: Dry, sarcastic, very dirty minded, random at times.
Other: NOT a morning person. I also tend to scare people, which leads to a very lonely me...apparently I look evil when I don\'t smile. D8 I promise, I\'m a nice person!

-I am originally from a small town in Florida--born and raised there, actually--but just recently moved--like May of 2010--to another tiny town in Georgia. I moved to Virginia for 9 months, then moved back home, and I must say, I\'m quite happy here...even if I can\'t find a job....
-I am going for a career in the arts. Possibly as an art teacher, but don\'t quote me on that.
-I love, love, LOVE sweets. I have been known to be able to eat a whole bag of mixed candy and not get a sugar high. Somehow, I haven\'t really gained any weight...though lately, I\'ve started to round out, haha...dammit. And that\'s what they made places like the YMCA for!
-I had surgery to have my gallbladder removed. I feel so much better now :) I\'m also apparently very humorous when given a relaxant. I still don\'t remember what happened.
-I hated my last year of high school. They were soo disorganized.
-I HATE cockroaches with a burning passion, but for some reason, they like me. The little bastards like to chase me--I\'m being dead serious, by the way--and I like to hit them with shoes....while running away. My family thinks it\'s hilarious. I don\'t see the humor in it.
-I also have a chronic phobia of needles. The doctors don\'t seem to understand this, for some reason. I also tend to avoid heights(which is odd, because I love rollercoasters)
-My worst subject is math. I did awesome in Trigonometry, though.
-My favorite authors are Gena Showalter and J.R.Ward. ^_^ I LOVE to read and I love to go book shopping. Any other kind of shopping--aside from art--is a personal hell for me.
-I paint and draw--both traditionally and digitally. My prefered subject is that of the human figure, but I\'ll do landscapes...when I\'m forced to...
-I love to RP(roleplay) with my best friend and have written many stories with her...>:D \'Tis fun, \'tis fun...In fact, we\'re writing one now! However, I don\'t post them. They\'re usually self-inserts, since we have no OCs. Yeah, we\'re unoriginal.
-I do requests! Hint hint, people.
-I have no social life, and I don\'t tend to step out of my little bubble much...except when an amusement park is involved. Bring on the fun~
-I come from a musically inclined family, so I have a natural knack at the drums and singing. I play the piano too. ^_^
-For some odd reason, I find men with long hair very sexy(on the right person).I\'ve also seemed to recently find my attraction to goatees too. I LOVE blue eyes. I\'m not attracted to red-heads though, and I honestly don\'t know why. NOTE: Anime characters don\'t count in that, being as I freaking LOVE Jin, Kurama, and Kenshin and probably some other characters I haven\'t met yet.
-I hate having my picture taken, even though I\'m told I\'m very photogenic. I don\'t care. I take the pictures dammit!
-My favorite colors are purple, red, blue and certain shades of green.I can\'t stand the color pink.
-I can\'t stand dresses, though I\'ve kind of started a neutrality to skirts. So long as their long skirts. Like, reach my ankles long. I don\'t like make-up either, but I\'ll wear mascara, oddly enough.
-My favorite flowers are the lotus blossom and the rose. I think the rose has something to do with the fact it\'s my birth flower.
-Fave anime is, hands-down, D.Gray-Man. I loves me some Kanda. XD
-Fave games are Devil May Cry 1, 2, 3, AND 4...yes, I finally got the first game! I also love Final Fantasy VIII and XII and Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2. ^_^ I\'ve only beaten one of these games--can you guess which one? I also have picked up a love for Assassin\'s Creed.
-I have started taking Yoga classes at the Y, and despite the pain I\'m in two days afterwards, I LOVE it. ^___^

If I can think of anything else to add, I will. But until then, that\'s pretty much it! ^_^

I\'m kind of missing the love. I don\'t get very many reviews...

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Considering the fact they only allow one MSN IM thingy and I have two, here\'s my other one. I don\'t use it as much as the first one though:
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