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To my friends, you can call me Sumi or Sumiko! Azami-chan\'s fine too! I\'m also on Fanfiction and Quizilla! To make a statement, I LOVE ANIME! And horror movies, comedy, well, pretty much any good movie.

Hmm, currently I like way too many anime/manga to list, A Nightmare On Elm Street, Harry Potter, and other stuff.

Che, not too much ta say bout\' me that\'s for sure.


(Learning Hearts: Verity Start)- A saga where the Akatsuki finds a little girl and she breaks the ice. Her story as she\'s taken into the criminal organization and grows up.

(Why Do I Hate You?)- A ninja finds Itachi and Kisame. They need to capture her and she refuses. She recognizes Itachi and instantly hates him. What now? ItachixOC

(Arrogant Jerk)- Kyoko is a shinigami of the 6th squad. To make things straight, she hates her captain and his emotionless ways. What happens when she might have to get in an engagement with him because of her status as a middle class noble? ByakuyaxOC

(The Great Comic Life)- Lorelle is an amazing comic maker and loves making them, but she has an evil stepsister who gives her artist block. So what does a striving artist do? Write about her sister of course!
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