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Hello ^__^ You\'ve stumbled upon the writings of CrazyLittleHanyou...

I love writing fanfiction and am slowly adding stories here from various other sites that I write on along with some new stories/drabbles etc etc!!

~UPDATE AS AT 11/06/2012~

Well still no progress on retreiving the information for Freaky Friday, Mistakes Happen or The Point of it All... But I did find a chapter of it that I had uploaded to fos but not here so it\'s awaiting validation now! But don\'t get too excited that Freaky Friday is getting updated XD On a completely irreverent side note, I had a great MCM London Expo, cosplaying Sarutobi Sasuke (both normal and Gakuen versions) from Sengoku Basara and Sirius Black (Marauders Era) from Harry Potter. And my decisions have been made for October... Friday - Whitebeard (One Piece, Saturday - Shanks Le Roux (One Piece), Sunday - Laxud Dreyar (Fairy Tail)... Whitebeard is most exciting of course XD

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The Lost Twins
Harry Potter, reader x George Weasley
Chapter 2 - Personal Choice [awaiting validation]
Chapter 3 - First Term [complete]
Chapter 4 - Second Term [complete]
Chapter 5 - Third Term [complete]
projected chapters 25, written 6/25, uploaded 1/25

The Rose
Hana Kimi (Drama), final pairing undecided
Chapter 1 [complete]
Chapter 2 [complete]
Chapter 3 [0% complete]
projected chapters 25+, written 3/25+, uploaded 0/25+

From Dusk til Dawn
Sengoku Basara, Brave 10 crossover, pairing undecided
Chapter 1 - Challenge [complete]
Chapter 2 - Tornado[complete]
Chapter 3 [0% complete]
projected chapters ??, written 2/??, uploaded 0/??

Durarara!!! Shizuo x Izaya
Undecided one shot/chaptered fic


Freaky Friday - Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Reader x Gokudera Hayato

Mistakes Happen - Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Reader x Dino Cavallone

The Point of it All - Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Reader x Sawada Tsunayoshi

~Rum is for Drinking, Not Burning~ - One Piece, Reader x Roronoa Zoro


Cream Tea Disaster
Axis Powers Hetalia, one shot

From Way Before
Gensoumaden Saiyuki, reader x Sha Gojyo, 13 chapters

Kimi no Uta
D.Gray-man, reader x Allen Walker, 30 drabbles


World Cup: Hetalia Style!
Axis Powers Hetalia, 4 chapters

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