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Hi ! :)

So, I\'m not really sure what to put in a bio.. I\'ve always sucked at these :/
Um, I love writing fiction, and I love reading it !
Music = My life. You\'ll probably notice most of my stories are either song-fics or in my summery I\'ll have what my musical inspiration was for the story.

I\'m your typical teen girl :P
I love to hang out with my friends, usually driving around with the tunes up and our voices even louder than the music. I write music, lyrics and background. I also record some of my own stuff :)

Fashion is my second love. I design, create, and use my besties as models.

In school, I\'ve always been an English major. Writing, reading, speaking.. It\'s kinda my thing. Performing, not so much.. but I\'m working on that.

Degrassi and Criminal Minds are my all time favorite t.v shows. I do enjoy anime, obviously. I don\'t watch as my as I used to, but that\'s really only because of my limited amount of time. I\'m hoping that things will slow down soon, so I can catch up on everything I\'ve missed. I love Naruto, Shaman King (when it was still popular), Gundam Wing AC. I also love video games. They take up a huge part of my time - Final Fantasy is amazing :)
I love to many movies to name :/
I love reading. Twilight, anything Stephen King, The Catcher in the Rye.
And, to show a little of my personal musical taste, I\'m obsessed with The Dirt by Motley Crue and The Heroin Diaries by Nikki Sixx.
&& Music ? Like I said. I\'ll listen to anything and everything :)
I like to give it all a fair chance before I decide if it\'s my taste or not :P

If my stories go over well, and people like them, I\'ll write as much as I can. Hell, even if people don\'t like them I\'m still going to write as much as possible. I\'m hoping that when and if I start a longer story I\'ll be able to review every other day, if not every day. I like to try my damndest to stay on top of things.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy what I produce. Criticism is always accepted - How can one hope to better themselves if they do not review their faults first ?
Reviews make my day :)
I love hearing feedback from fellow writers and readers :)
I do occasionally go through writers block, as I\'m sure many of you also experience. But even when I\'m not facing that evil writers block, I love hearing ideas from other people ! So if there\'s a story you wanna see and either can\'t write on your own or don\'t have time to do so and would like to see what crazy thing I can produce with your ideas, PLEASE SEND THEM ! Obviously, you\'ll get the credit for the idea. Each artist needs to have credit for their own work.

Well, I feel like I\'ve babbled enough now XD
If there\'s anything you wanna know, please message me !
I love meeting new people and hearing their thoughts ! :D


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