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Reader: tl;dr. Skip to the good stuff.

NO! That's rude!
Try again ====>

Author: Proceed with introduction. ====>

Your name is Pigface Barfpants.

NO! Get those shenanigans out of here!!!

Try again ====>

Your name is WARRYN. You are a SOMEWHAT NERDY young adult, poised at the age of TWENTY-TWO.

You have a variety of interests, which include the obvious WRITING. You also like DRAWING, though you currently are only proficient in anime and realism, and you enjoy READING COMICS. On the topic of comics, you are also COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY ADDICTED TO HOMESTUCK. Itís really quite sad, honestly. All your friends mock you. You also dabble in BAKING CONFECTIONERY SWEETS, such as snicker doodle cupcakes. In fact, you are pretty good at in. In fact in fact, you might even say youíre PRETTY SWEET at it. (2x PUN COMBO). You enjoy watching off the wall CULT FILMS and ODD-BALL MUSICALS such as Repo! The Genetic Opera and The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and listening to HIPSTER MUSIC like Manchester Orchestra and Sigur Ros. Youíre also COMPLETELY IN LOVE with FICTIONAL MEN, especially a certain time-traveling cool kid with blonde hair and killer shades, named DAVE STRIDER.

When youíre not WORKING YOUR ASS OFF as a clothing retail manager, you spend your time on TUMBLR and drawing your shitty OCs. You are currently interested in LEARNING HOW TO EMBROIDER, but like most of your life plans, you realize you will fail horribly at this.

You LOVE to make new friends, so you heartily encourage anyone reading this to ADD YOU on your various messaging devices. But which one will you give out? Thereís your DEVIANTART, SKYPE, and TUMBLR, all of which are under the handle DELLAPPATCA. Youíve also got your EMAIL ADDRESS, which youíll give out, even though no one uses email anymore because itís SUPER LAME, but you still feel like someone out there uses it, so youíll put it here: EMAIL_WARRYN_HERE@YAHOO.COM

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