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(It has been a life long dream to marry these people!!!)

Welcome to my soon to be filled out webpage type thing. My name is Mykianna. My mom made that name up. I be living in Lamesville, Georgia. Here\'s a list of things for ya:

I am not a serious person....*sigh* it\'s sad
I really need a dang life!
My family thinks I need to go to a mental hospital
I gots an obsession with Tsuna from KHR and Kyo from Dir en Grey *looks above*
I am musically talented.
I can\'t stand preppy people along with people who thinks they\'re all that and a bag of chips, selfish, serious...that\'s all I can think of
Pssh! It\'s not like like I talk to myself all the time.*Mumble mumble*
My alias is what my friend thought of since I have an obsession with asians.

The list of animes I have watched:
Steel Angel Kurumi
Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Shugo Chara (Damn you Ikuto! You tricked me! TT^TT)
Bleach (Of course)
Death Note
Kimi ni Todoke
Angelic Layer
ummm........ I can remember what else. It\'s more than this!


\"There\'s a 99% chance of a shit storm and its coming right at ya!\" or something like that.....

This picture made me laugh for a while~!

Favorite Stories
Axis Powers Hetalia

Rated: 17+ | Warnings: Adult Situations, Mature Content, Violence
Main Characters: Egypt, Greece, Hungary, Reader, Roma Antiqua, Turkey
Genres: Drama, Romance, War | Story Types: Alternative Universe, Reader Insert
Length: 28 chapter(s) / 58361 words | Complete: Yes

Summary: A Turkey/Sadik x reader story taking place during the days of the Ottoman Empire. Sadik's the ruthless commander of the big army and she is the young princess ruling a peaceful country. The country gets invaded and she's taken captive, Sadik taking her with him back to Turkey and his palace. Things seems horrible to the young princess, but maybe Sadik isn't as ruthless as he seemed?
Published: 07/12/11 | Updated: 07/03/12
Inu Yasha, Kingdom Hearts, Naruto, Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy 8, Devil May Cry, Death Note, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Rated: 17+ | Warnings: Adult Situations, Erotica, Mature Content, Mild Adult Situations, Mild Sexual References, Sexual dialogue, Sexual Situations, Strong Language, Violence
Main Characters: Axel, Captain Jack Sparrow, Cloud, Cloud, Dante, Deidara, Itachi, Kiba, L, Leon, Light, Mello, Miroku, Near, Neji, Other, Raito, Reader, Reno, Riku, Seifer, Seifer, Sesshomaru, Sora, Squall, Various, Vincent, Vincent, You, Zack, Zell, Zexion, Belphegor, Dino Cavallone, Gokudera Hayato, Hibari Kyoya, Lambo, Yamamoto Takeshi
Genres: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Fluff, Friendship, Hentai, Humor, Lemon, Lime | Story Types: Lemon, Reader Insert
Length: 10 chapter(s) / 36804 words | Complete: No

Summary: We've all had "character highs;" times when you can't stop looking for stories about one character. Just last week I could swear I was in LOVE with Seifer, and now I've got a thing for Reno- Finally, I've found a way to move from one high to the next.

What is this miraculous break through you ask? Why, smut, of course! And lots of it!

Reader-x-Various LEMON WARNINGS
Published: 02/17/08 | Updated: 04/13/10
Inu Yasha

Rated: Adult | Warnings: Adult Situations
Main Characters: Sesshomaru
Genres: Hentai | Story Types: Lemon
Length: 1 chapter(s) / 2709 words | Complete: Yes

Summary: She knew someone was watching her, but until now she didn't know who...
Published: 01/19/10 | Updated: 01/24/10
Avatar: The Last Airbender

Rated: All | Warnings: None
Main Characters: Aang, Azula, Katara, Other, Reader, Sokka, Uncle Iroh, Zuko
Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Friendship, Humor, Romance | Story Types: General
Length: 21 chapter(s) / 44154 words | Complete: No

Summary: You're a thief. He's a prince. Together, you're a disaster waiting to happen.

Hang on tight -this is going to be a wild ride.
Published: 04/22/10 | Updated: 08/13/11

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