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Hi! ^.^
I\'m twenty years old. I look and act younger than I really am. XD
I\'m a pretty open minded individual. I won\'t judge you for liking or disliking something, and I hope you\'ll give me the same courtesy.
Hetalia is my favorite freaking thing in the world. My favorite characters are China, Russia, Turkey, Denmark, and Iceland.
I\'m also a female brony.
I have a LOT of headcanons for Hetalia and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Seriously. A lot. They just kind of multiply when I\'m not looking and then demand to be written down.
I love to draw.
I also enjoy writing but I don\'t do it a whole lot.
However, I am considering writing a bunch of little fics, each one revolving around one or two headcanons of mine.
I listen to metal(most genres, but Gothic and death are my favorites), rock, emo, industrial/EBM, metalcore, post-hardcore, and some pop music. Just no pop from America, Canada, or Britain. XD Keep your Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, and Adele if you want them. Give me Alexander Rybak, Piko, O-Zone, and Cyndi Wang any day.

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