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I will no longer be posting anything on this site. It holds too many memories that I don't wish to deal with ever again.

First time I joined this site was back in 2009 and I've seen and met many talented authors. Sadly, a lot of them don't come here any longer.

It's time for me to move on.

I have many things that take priority and me wanting to be a good mom is one of them.

Thank you guys for everything, even the people I no longer talk to. You all taught me something and have changed me.

Favorite Stories

Rated: 13+ | Warnings: Fluff
Main Characters: Ichigo, Kon, Reader, You
Genres: Angst, Fluff, Friendship, Romance | Story Types: Ficlet, General, Reader Insert
Length: 1 chapter(s) / 925 words | Complete: Yes

Summary: "Face it, you’re never going to be anything more than me! Because unlike you, I actually have a body, and no one is ever gonna love a bodiless manufactured soul! You’re nothing but a third wheel!"

[Ichigo x Reader x Kon]
Published: 05/12/09 | Updated: 05/16/09

Rated: 13+ | Warnings: Angst, Mild Adult Situations, Mild Sexual References, Spoilers, Strong Language
Main Characters: Gojyo, Goku, Hakkai, Reader, Sanzo
Genres: Angst, Friendship, Romance | Story Types: Alternative Universe, Drabble, Ficlet, Reader Insert
Length: 30 chapter(s) / 10096 words | Complete: Yes

Summary: 30 drabble/ficlets for everyone's favorite gun-toting foul-mouthed priest, Genjyo Sanzo. {Reader Insert}
Published: 12/02/08 | Updated: 05/23/09

Rated: Adult + | Warnings: Adult Situations, Angst, Coarse Language, Crackfic, Erotica, Explicit Material, Fluff, Mature Content, Mild Adult Situations, Mild Sexual References, Sexual Situations
Main Characters: Goku, Reader, You
Genres: Angst, Fluff, Friendship, Lemon, Lime, Romance | Story Types: Collection, Drabble, Ficlet, Lemon, One Shot, Reader Insert, Song-Fic
Length: 17 chapter(s) / 13952 words | Complete: Yes

Summary: This is a collection of all Goku stuff, drabbles, one-shots, name it, it'll probably find its way here. All pairings are Goku/reader.

Dedicated to Black Wolf Shinzu as Son Goku is her favourite~!
Published: 10/22/09 | Updated: 02/07/13
Persona 4

Rated: Adult + | Warnings: Adult Situations, Angst, Explicit Material, Femslash, Fluff, Mature Content, Mild Adult Situations, Shoujo-ai, Yuri
Main Characters: Chie Satonaka, Fox, Igor, Kanji Tatsumi, Margaret, Nanako Dojima, Naoto Shirogane, Original Character(s), Reader, Rise Kujikawa, Ryotaro Dojima, Souji Seta, Teddie, Tohru Adachi, You, Yousuke Hanamura, Yukiko Amagi
Genres: Action, Angst, Classic, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Fluff, Friendship, General, Humor, Lemon, Other, Romance, Supernatural | Story Types: General, Lemon, Other, Reader Insert
Length: 13 chapter(s) / 90458 words | Complete: No

Summary: Naoto Shirogane was this famous detective that everyone was talking about, you hadn't ever seen him but from what you've heard he was everything cool and mysterious all wrapped into one package. You weren't sure of it the first time you saw him, but something was stirring in your chest like a torrent, and it hurt. Something was changing... and you know now that you can't stop it.
Pairing: Naoto/Reader, rated for later chapters
[Complete Story Revamp Complete! New Update Now in Progress]
Published: 10/26/10 | Updated: 12/06/12
South Park

Rated: 13+ | Warnings: Angst, Coarse Language, Crude Humor, Fluff, Mild Sexual References, Spoilers, Strong Language
Main Characters: Reader, Various
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Fluff, General, Humor, Romance | Story Types: Alternative Universe, Ficlet, General, Other, Reader Insert
Length: 28 chapter(s) / 18285 words | Complete: No

Summary: You only got a Facebook because Eric Cartman threatened you. Now you regret it.

Kenny x Reader x Craig
[high school au]
Published: 10/22/13 | Updated: 08/09/15

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