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News 16 March 2009

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Wooooooooow, I can\'t believe it\'s been almost an entire year since I bothered to update this. What a bum I am. Uh, I\'ve written quite a bit and school is sucking up my time since I\'ll be graduating this year (By the gods!). Let\'s see... I\'ve got 8 chaptered fics I\'m working on, all at once. When I finish those, they\'ll show up here. Let\'s hope I finish those, huh? XD When did life get so hectic? ._.;;;


I never was one to rant about myself, but I am incredibly attached to the one named Genesis.
Also, I do not write in self-insert. I just can\'t. I am unable to put myself in the character\'s position if I do, and I must be able to put myself in their position if I want to write.

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