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I\'m currently working on a few fanfictions, and two major novels. I sent one to a few lit agents for publishing, but it needs to be rewritten. That\'s the project for this year!

Um... Yes, I\'ll say it now... I\'m bad about regularly updating. I hit writers\' block or get bored often. So I try not to post stories unless they\'re finished.

Most of what goes up is fanfiction. My original works sometimes embarrass me. I don\'t mind if fanfiction looks crappy, it\'s fanfiction! But I\'m trying to get them perfect before I worry about what others think of it.

My standard for my writing is Stephenie Meyer\'s Twilight. (Any Twilight readers can understand how hard that must be for me!) But that\'s pretty much why I don\'t really approve of my work.

Am I as good as Stephenie Meyer? Heh, not even close. Will I be? Someday, I really hope so. If you give me honest critique on things, from style to syntax to grammar, I\'ll get better fatster!

Also, if I don\'t get reviews, I don\'t update. I need to know people are reading, or I don\'t see any point in writing. I don\'t write artistically. I still see writing as an art, but I don\'t write based on how I\'m feeling. Writing is not an emotional outlet for me, like it is for many.

I write to entertain people, but if no one tells me they\'re reading, I won\'t update. It\'s pointless to waste my time on something no one\'s enjoying. So, if you want more, please just drop SOMETHING. I don\'t care if it\'s five words, anything to let me know my work is appreciated.


Favorite Stories
Ouran High School Host Club

Rated: 17+ | Warnings: Adult Situations, Crude Humor, Explicit Material, Fluff, Mature Content, Mild Sexual References, Mild Slash, Mild Yaoi, Sexual dialogue, Sexual Situations, Shonen-ai, Slash, Yaoi
Main Characters: Hikaru, Kaoru
Genres: Comedy, Fluff, Gay Romance, Humor, Lemon | Story Types: Lemon
Length: 1 chapter(s) / 4746 words | Complete: No

Summary: HikaruxKaoru. Twincest, twinsex. Against a backdrop of the five seasons (yes, five), the twins have discovered a new game to play. First-time sex.
Published: 10/13/06 | Updated: 10/14/06
Fantasy, Science-Fiction

Rated: 13+ | Warnings: Strong Language, Violence
Main Characters: Original Character(s)
Genres: Drama, Family, Fantasy, Friendship, General, Occult, Other, Supernatural | Story Types: General, Novella, Other
Length: 24 chapter(s) / 29466 words | Complete: Yes

Summary: The Duke children were abandoned on a street corner on a raining morning soon after their father died. With nowhere else to go, they go to America to perform as magicians to help their youngest brother, Alastair, learn to control his own, very real magic. Eighteen years later, on New Year’s Eve, he disappears and their small family breaks apart.
But what happened to Alastair, you ask? Well, he went through the Doors and stumbled upon a world where the sun never sets, where dreams are dangerous, and where magic is practiced more than science. And there’s this girl, who might just bring an end to everything normal in that world called Pyralis.
Published: 06/24/08 | Updated: 07/22/08

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