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Favorite Stories
Final Fantasy 7

Rated: 13+ | Warnings: Fluff
Main Characters: Reader, Vincent, You
Genres: Fluff, Romance | Story Types: Alternative Universe, One Shot, Reader Insert
Length: 1 chapter(s) / 6428 words | Complete: Yes

Summary: (One-shot, AU) Set in nineteenth-century England. Vincent Valentine’s new manservant is not truly a man, but when he hires her, he has no idea of the complicated emotions that will ensue. Vincent/You
Published: 10/07/06 | Updated: 10/07/06
Axis Powers Hetalia

Rated: All | Warnings: Fluff
Main Characters: Japan, Reader, You
Genres: Fluff, General | Story Types: Ficlet, General, Reader Insert
Length: 1 chapter(s) / 1453 words | Complete: Yes

Summary: (Ficlet) “Remember that, Japan. There will always be more cherry blossoms.” Japan/You

Prompt: "the speed at which cherry blossoms fall. it's 5 centimeters per second."
For: Siruru

[Written for Holiday Fic Trade 2011]
Published: 01/21/12 | Updated: 01/21/12
Vampire Knight

Rated: 17+ | Warnings: Adult Situations, Angst, Death, OOC, Spoilers
Main Characters: Aidou, Kaname Kuran, Other, Reader, The Chairman, You, Yuuki Cross, Zero Kiryuu
Genres: Angst, Dark Fantasy, Death, Drama, Lime, Paranormal, Paranormal Romance, Supernatural, Suspense, Tragedy | Story Types: Alternative Universe, Reader Insert
Length: 2 chapter(s) / 2425 words | Complete: No

Summary: Grasp for petals light... All cherry blossoms linger... For naught but thee...

(Reader x Kaname Kuran)
Published: 04/03/08 | Updated: 04/05/08

Rated: 17+ | Warnings: Adult Situations, Mature Content
Main Characters: Naruto, Reader, Sai, Sakura
Genres: Lime, Romance | Story Types: One Shot, Reader Insert
Length: 1 chapter(s) / 2461 words | Complete: Yes

Summary: Sai just can't quench his thirst for drawing you. He has hundreds of drawings and he can't understand why.

Why are you always on his mind? Why do you plague his dreams? Why does he yearn to hear your voice? Why does he want to touch you where only lovers dare think of?

[Sai x Reader]
Published: 12/06/08 | Updated: 12/06/08

Rated: Youth | Warnings: Fluff
Main Characters: Reader, Various, You, Sai
Genres: Action, Fluff, Friendship, Romance | Story Types: General, One Shot, Reader Insert
Length: 1 chapter(s) / 1122 words | Complete: Yes

Summary: If you didn't harbor special feelings for the stoic ninja, you wouldn't have put him before your mission.

Published: 05/13/12 | Updated: 06/17/12

Rated: 17+ | Warnings: Crackfic, Fluff, OOC, Product of High Sugar Intake, PWP, Sexual dialogue, Sexual Situations, Strong Language
Main Characters: Reader, Sai
Genres: Fluff, Lime, Romance | Story Types: One Shot, Reader Insert
Length: 1 chapter(s) / 1883 words | Complete: Yes

Summary: “Great! That means you can help me.” he stated happily, moving even closer to you, while you unconsciously backed away from him.

“Help you with what?” you questioned, your eyes narrowing.

Published: 10/20/08 | Updated: 10/20/08

Rated: 13+ | Warnings: Angst, Drug References, Drug Use, Fluff, Mild Adult Situations
Main Characters: Lavi, Reader, You
Genres: Angst, Fluff, Romance, Time Travel | Story Types: One Shot, Reader Insert
Length: 1 chapter(s) / 18920 words | Complete: Yes

Summary: (One-shot) April 9, 20XX. You are 15, Lavi is 22. He is trying to tell you he is a time traveler from the late 1800s. You are convinced he’s a pervert who somehow found his way into your closet. He has known you for years, but for you, that is where it begins. Lavi/You

Prompt: The Time Traveler’s Wife
For: Miss Chocobo

[Written for Holiday Fic Trade 2011]
Published: 01/19/12 | Updated: 01/19/12

Rated: 17+ | Warnings: Crackfic, Crude Humor, Drug References, Mild Sexual References, Mild Yaoi, Shonen-ai, Spoilers
Main Characters: Ciel Phantomhive, Elizabeth Middleford, Finian, Grell Sutcliff, Lau, Madam Red, Meirin, Other, Reader, Sebastian Michaelis, Undertaker, Various, William Spears
Genres: Comedy, Romance | Story Types: Drabble, Reader Insert
Length: 4 chapter(s) / 3109 words | Complete: No

Summary: It's sad to say, but in every cracked up relationship, there will always a third wheel.

Published: 12/19/08 | Updated: 04/08/09

Rated: Youth | Warnings: Fluff, Silliness
Main Characters: Reader, You, Sai
Genres: Fluff, Humor | Story Types: Drabble, Reader Insert
Length: 1 chapter(s) / 297 words | Complete: Yes

Summary: Sai always has trouble with showing his emotions the proper way.

Good thing Kakashi had a spare book!

Published: 07/08/09 | Updated: 07/16/09

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