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Hunt or be hunted. It was one or the other, but just God wasn't on your side this time.
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Despite his fame and fortune, he was a lonely person. You were determined to fill that empty feeling.
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...That you have to put up with practically every. damn. day.
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'Suffering is the acceptable in the quest for something great'. Ha, if only they knew...
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Story Ideas/Plans:
"Set Something to Music"
You've always had a way with words, relevant or not.
Song/Lyric Fics [Various x Reader]

If only he was as passionate towards you as he was with his illustrations.
Kuroshitsuij [Gregory Violet x Reader]

"Hot to Trot"
Sometimes it was hard to keep up with each of your sex drives. Not that you minded at all, of course.
Naruto [Hidan x Reader]

It wasn't romance, there was no devotion and it definitely wasn't a love story.
Naruto [Sakon & Ukon x Reader]

"Tsundere's, Unite!"
I-It's not like it's your fault you like these types of girls! Really!
Well. Opposites do attract...
Bleach, Naruto [Various x Reader]

"Flashily Ostentatious"
He was too stiff and paranoid for his own good. Nobody else would help him ~unwind~, so why not you?
One Piece [Buggy x Reader]

"Labors of Love"
Even though they weren't labors at all.
Persona 4 [Kanji Tatsumi x Reader]

Most of my drabbles are or will be smut. (◉◞౪◟◉) huhuhu~


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