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Hi, I'm Komori!

I read, write, beta, draw, cosplay, play d&d, enjoy doing nail designs and many other things.

I have a bunch of stories and possible story ideas floating around in my brain, but these are the ones that have actually made it to the site:

Mistaken Identity



I was working on a new chapter for this, but ideas for other things came to me so I haven't been working on this one. If I get some inspiration some time soon I can work on it, but for now this story isn't a main priority of mine.




I finally saw Catching Fire, and I'm hoping it will inspire me to actually write a new chapter for this!

Kingdom Crossings


I've been working on and off on a new chapter for this which I hope to finish soonish, so it is still going hopefully!

On the Strings of a Broken Guitar



I watched The Lorax and then this idea just came to me! It's going to be set a year or so after the Lorax left, so it'll be kinda angsty Once-ler, which is surprising for me since I usually hate writing angst. Currently working on the second chapter!

Upcoming Ideas:

I don't have any upcoming ideas right now, but look out for more in the future!

**If you feel that I am severely lagging behind in updating any of my stories (which is very common as I constantly procrastinate) feel free to bug me to update!**

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