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Introduction! // LOVES // Current Projects! // List of Deleted Works!

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[Introduction -- edited August 20, 2009]
Alright. So. Where do I begin.

I\'m Olivia. I\'ve been writing since the FF.Net/MM.Org/EFic days, since 2003. I haven\'t written anything at all since the last days of 2007, and now, in 2009, nearly everything I have ever written makes my face burn in shame/makes my soul die/makes my brain shrivel up. ... orz;;; My personality has changed (at least a little), my writing has changed, and even my way of thinking has changed.

In short, my eyes burn out every time I read something I apparently read just a little over a year ago or longer. >: I\'m keeping the stories that are already here up for posterity, despite MarySuedom/bad characterization/soul-killing moments, although I will never, ever again update any one of them ever again unless I really do some major rewriting. (DG, why did you never tell me I fail so much? orz)

But... I\'m back! 8D; M-maybe?

A list of deleted works may be found beneath the list of my current projects.

[LOVES ♥ As of July 10 ♥]
Most Favorite Characters Ever (no particular order except for Roy; the italicized ones are those I REALLY fangirl over): Roy Mustang (FMA), Rey Za Burrel (GSD), TAKUMA ICHIJOU ♥ (VK/G... latest obsession 8D;;), Allen Walker (D.GM), Kanda Yu (D.GM), Cloud Strife (FFVII), Vincent Valentine (FFVII), Akira Touya (HnG), Seto Kaiba (YGO), Suzaku Kururugi (CG), Tamaki Suoh (OHSHC), Athrun Zala (GS/D)
Current Favorite Manga: Fullmetal Alchemist, D.Gray-man, Vampire Knight
Current Favorite Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist, Gundam SEED/Destiny
Top Favorite Series I\'ve Read and/or Watched (not all up to date): Code Geass, Death Note, D.Gray-man, D.N.Angel, Fruits Basket, Fullmetal Alchemist, The Gentlemen\'s Alliance +, Gundam SEED, Gundam SEED Destiny, Hellsing, InuYasha, Loveless, MeruPuri, Ouran High School Host Club, Saiyuki, Saiyuki Reload, Vampire Knight, Vampire Knight Guilty, Weiss Kreuz, Wolf\'s Rain, Yu-Gi-Oh
Currently Reading/Watching/Being forced to look at: Fullmetal Alchemist, Fullmetal Alchemist 2: Brotherhood, Hetalia, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Prince of Tennis, Psyren, Vampire Knight

PROJECTS (as of April 2009)
Click here for a partial plot bunny list.

Actively Writing at the Moment:
1. Cure for Boredom, Chapter One -- Fullmetal Alchemist [You/Ed] -- 5,300 // 10,000+
2. untitled, Chapter One -- D.Gray-man [You/? Kanda?] -- 700 // 2,000+
3. Collateral Damage -- Fullmetal Alchemist [You/Ed] -- 2,100 // 8,000

Temporarily on Hold:
1. Handsome Girls -- D.Gray-man [none/undecided? or Kanda/everyone] -- 0 // 7,000
2. Colors of the Earth -- Fullmetal Alchemist [You/Roy] -- 0 // 8,000
3. Golem See, Golem Do... -- D.Gray-man [Golem!You/Timcanpy] -- 0 // 2,500
4. Wings of Light/Angel of Faith -- Gundam SEED Destiny [You/Heine] -- 2,800 // 7,000+
5. Crossed Swords, Chapter One -- Gundam SEED Destiny [Athrun/You/Rey] -- 500 // 5,000
6. A Minerva Halloween -- Gundam SEED Destiny [You/Rey] -- 4,100 // 9,000
7. Flameout -- Fullmetal Alchemist [You/Roy] -- 0 // 7,000+
8. Overshadowed -- Fullmetal Alchemist [You/Russel] -- 0 // 5,000+
9. Na´vetÚ -- Saiyuki [You/Goku] -- 1,500 // 5,000+
10. This is Madness -- D.Gray-man [undecided] -- 0 // 5,000+

Self-Deleted Works: (May or may not still be found on FOSFF/FictionZone)
A Hundred Kisses (GW)
Arctic Illusions (WR)
Born of the Darkness (YGO)
Constellations (GS)
The Demon Within (IY)
Eighth (FMA)
Inside the Mind (WR)
Worthy of Tears (IY)
On a Day of Snow (FMA)
Winter Warmth (FMA)
First Snowfall (WR)
His Staring Eyes (WR)
Moonlit Serenade (WR)
Valentine\'s Nocturne (WR)
Wolfdance (WR)
Born of the Darkness (YGO)
Clash of Passion (YGO)

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