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04/01/12: Mark your calendars, because this is clearly the most important thing on there: the newest chapter of ~ Lolita ~ will be coming out within 1-2 weeks! Those of you still with me will either hate or be morbidly fascinated by Light after this LOL. Cheers!


I. 00:00:40 SeCoNdS

Fandom: Death Note
Paring:: Light x Reader x L
Chapters:: 8
Status: Working

II. ~ Lolita ~

Fandom: Death Note
Paring: Light x Reader
Chapters:: 3
Status: Working

III. /// ViRaL ////

Fandom: Durarara
Paring: Izaya x Reader x Shizuo (with a dash of Kida)
Chapters:: 2
Status: Working

IV. Rosenrot

Fandom: The Walking Dead (TV Series)
Paring:: Lori x Shane x Andrea
Chapters:: 1
Status: Not yet validated D:


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