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O hai thar - I\'m Sarahbeth, I\'m 15, I\'m Aussie, I\'m vego, I\'m awesome k?
Apparently I\'d be sweet if ever a zombie invasion were to occur, due to the amount of time I spend on videogames.
I wish I had a tazer gun, just so I could go to parks and shoot runners in the backs of their knees, that\'d be fun.
If my Ipod broke, I\'d take a week off school. I dye my hair too much.
I\'m pretty passionate about my music. Anime\'s coo\' too bro.

In a nutshell, I\'m just really leet and am secretly scheming to take over the world. Problems? No? Yay let\'s talk :D

Aight, down to business;

Due to the fact I\'m currently a n00b here, It will take some time for me to upload all my fics. This is the first site in which I\'m actually publishing my fics, so be kind plawx :\'(

That aside, I hope yal like my stories! And if you don\'t mind, rate, or if you\'re feeling generous, even drop in a review :3
(I won\'t bribe you. I swear)

Stay classy, San Diego.


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