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Name: Spiral Of Insanity
Alias: Alia
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[Introduction of the Master Mind]

The Name Is: Alia Dahlia Williams

You may call her: \'Lia, \'Ali, or SOI.

Her Current age is: Nondisclosed.

Her Relationship status is: Taken. Engaged, actually.

Her ratial affiliance is: Half Japanese, but so Americanized that it takes her a while to understand a full conversation in what should be her native tongue.

She likes: Music.Anime.Books.Singing.Acting.Dancing.

She Dislikes: Annoying people.Shallow people.Cauliflower.Beets.

She Likes Writing About: Angst.Betrayal.Hatred.Sorrow.

[The Progress of Insanity]


State of Confusion

Summary:An Enigma is what draws people to each other and brings them closer in an attempt to understand what can not be known.



Summary:Illusions are pretty scenes, blockading the truth from people and making them blind to what\'s all around them --- what\'s fake and what\'s real.



Summary:A Siren\'s bewitching call, a seductive chant of promised gifts and dark attentions .


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