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Hey there Mihawklover here!! Okay Iíve never really had a decent profile so I have decided to make it decent now ^_^í Also I was just thinking, how many people actually visit a profile? I feel sorry for the people who visit mint, itís bloody boring!
So hereís some facts about me....

Live journal account: Mihawklover
Please feel free to visit me on this page!! Leave comments or questions. I love to talk to people. Also on this site I will refer to my progress of my stories so that everyone knows what is going on!!

Name: Michelle

Age: 17

Hobbies: Horse riding, writing, reading. (I have a very poor life, when Iím not at school or work Iím doing those three things)

Faverouite Mangas (In order):
1.One Piece
2.Fairy Tail
4.Yu Yu Hakusho

All time fave characters:
1.Juraquille Mihawk
3.Doflamingo (He has recently become a fave of mine since I started to read a fic with him in it!)

My Current Stories!

Piume Dentellare
I love this story but I am sorry to say that it is going to be on hold for a while. I just have so much to do at the moment, but never fear I will complete this story!

Dime in a Dozen
This is another Mihawk story. It is going good so far. I am updating very quickly.

My dropped projects.


Future Stories to come.

Shanks Story
I donít know what I am going to call it yet, but I really want to do a chaptered story for Shanks, I have done three for Mihawk now, and one for Doflamingo, so I think itís finally time for some Shanks action.

My other Accounts:

mihawklover ~ Lunaescance Archives ~

mihawklover ~

mihawklover ~ Freedom of Speech ~

mihawklover ~ ficWad ~ (Though this one is only new and it will take me a while to post all of my stories^^)

Mihawkschicka ~ The Zone ~ (Why is my name different on this one? I\'m still asking myself that -_-\')


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