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Hello, I'm Breezy.
I was originally under the impression that the days of our dear Lunaescence were numbered, and so I directed all of my time and effort to transferring stories to Whilst it is an understatement to say that I am relieved to see this wonderful site revitalized thanks to the generous donations of its patrons, I am not so energetic about my writing as of late. I've been rather busy trying to find the time to do all of things required of me in life, you know? As of right now, writing is just a hobby that - sadly - I have trouble finding time for these days. Nevertheless, I have a duty to you guys to continue the stories I have already started, a duty to my stubborn pride to rework all of the shit stories I have churned out in my past six years of fan fiction writing, and a duty to my schoolgirl heart to pursue the whimsical fancy of writing whatever I so choose and whenever I get the urge to do so. The odds of me finishing a story are very poor at best as I have only ever successfully "completed" two Reader Insert stories with ficlet length chapters. Thus, I'm rather like Professor Calamitous in this way. Believe when I say that eventually everything will be sorted out and respectively concluded. In the meantime, though, please bear with me! Thank you so much for your patience, everyone! :)

If you are interested in information about me that is particularly trivial, I wouldn't be opposed to messages or simply shooting off some generic facts right here. Let's see...I absolutely adore animals. I cannot contain my excitement for most things and spend a good portion of my time squealing over intolerable cuteness. The rest of my time I try to divide evenly between tedious college tasks, imrpoving my writing ability, maintaining a social life, and geeking out at the local comic store. Naturally, the latter always wins out. I am stumbling through my first real college relationship with a selfless sweetheart of a man. We share similar interests and it's pretty rad. I don't really know how to make friends, so he gets bombarded with 95% of my awkward social vibes. That being said, please feel free to contact me via email. I love communication; I'm just not skilled at it. Breezy out!

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Hello, everyone! I apologize for my two month disappearance. I recently started a new job on the weekends and thus have been busy both adjusting to that as well as studying for midterms! I finally had some free time tonight and did some maintanence on my cluttered stories list. Any story that did not receive a lot of attention, any story that was poorly written, and any series that I no longer felt like continuing was deleted from my Lunaescence. Some I will eventually get around to rewriting, but I would like to focus on my popular, lengthy stories for now. If you are severely missing a story that can no longer be found on Luna, it's likely that you can follow a quick link to another writing webpage of mine and catch it in its ON-HIATUS mediocrity. Thanks! Love you guys infinitely! Breezy OUT! ♥


Everything seems all to be squared away now with the profile construction. I have made the all-appeasing decision to give Luna and gotvg my attention equally. Updates to my stories will be posted on both sites simultaneously, but announcements such as this that are too general and extensive for author's notes will likely only be found on my Luna profile. I've recently churned out two new stories! Whilst the reception for them is about as reassuring as always with minimal reviews or commentary, I am elated to see that what little feedback I received thus-far has been beautiful. I should know better than to expect consistent reviews by this point, but receiving even one more than the norm brightens up my entire day! You guys really are such wonderful, inspirational readers when it suits you. I've been dealing with the stressors of constant snow days, loads of heavy reading homework, and adjusting to the busy schedules of my boyfriend and I this week, so I scaresly have time to make an update. As always, thank you for being patient and understanding of the fact that we authors have a life and hella obligations outside of updates to appease ghost readers. Mwhah, darlings~! Breezy out!


Hello. I'm elated to know that Lunaescence is here to stay! I haven't been writing very much lately over university break, but now that a fresh semester is here I'll be trying to reacquaint myself with Word. :D Please bear with me as I attempt to get everything up and running again, and thank you for having so much patience in me! Due to my procratination in updating "Breathe" I see that the reader's interest in the story has now dropped, so I might consider putting it on the back-burner in order to focus on other stories! That is all! Thank you for your time! Breezy out~!

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