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Name: Linyah
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About Me:

Linyah is...

○ 20 years old
○ was born and raised in Canada
○ of Filipino heritage
○ currently attending a University somewhere in Ontario.
○ studying Visual Art .
○ easily distracted by shiny things
○ obsessed with Teen Titans, KHR, Soul Eater, Hetalia and Criminal Minds
○ happens to be approached by plot bunnies every now and again.

What I Write:
I specialize and prefer to write reader inserts with strong, independent, original female characters; (they're quite the dying breed, and I wish to keep their population alive!) however, it is possible for me to write for other types of characters every now and again. I also enjoy writing multiple chapter stories that incorporate romance, action, plot twists, and cliffhangers.

Should you be interested in requesting something, feel free to email me at the address above or drop me a comment on my Cbox.

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Story Progress Updated: August 8, 2014
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Everything I'm Not [Nagihiko | Reader | Ikuto] : Currently in the works

Cold Hard Cash [ Robin| Reader| Red X Story]: Chapter 36 ľ 20% Complete.
[ 35 / ?? ]


One Hundred Demons [Hibari| Reader| Mukuro]: Irregular updates. At least once every month. Over 30 pre-written chapters waiting to be edited.
[ 26/ ?? ]


Titanium [Aqualad| Reader]: Chapter 6 - 5% complete.
[ 5 / ?? ]


The Little Things in Life [ A Kid Flash| Wally West Story] : Chapter 2Ś 5% complete. Currently Searching for Inspiration
[ 2 / ?? ]

Sin City Sanctuary [Original Fiction] :Chapter 8Ś 25% Complete.
[ 7 / 49? ]

Star-crossed Solicitude [TYL!Yamamoto | Reader] :Chapter 7Ś 5% Complete.
[ 6 / ?? ]

Want to contact me? Leave me a message on my Cbox!

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