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student. reader. writer. reviewer. tumblr(er).
4everbrisingr on ffn, but let's not talk about those days
part-time cynic, full-time skeptic, and self-proclaimed realist
but i like to look on the bright side of things when possible


katekyo hitman reborn! | death note | d.gray-man | tokyo ghoul | kuroshitsuji | yu yu hakusho | yu-gi-oh! | thor & the avengers | sherlock | hannibal | game of thrones | harry potter | the lord of the rings

hayato gokudera | mukuro rokudo | g. | lavi | yu kanda | seto kaiba | beyond birthday | mihael keehl "mello" | hiei jaganshi | loki laufeyson | sherlock holmes | jaqen h'ghar

the works.

Reader x Various
Chapter Count: 12/100
gokudera is next.

ricordi d'infanzia
G. x Reader | [Slight!] Giotto x Reader
Chapter Count: 21/25
chapter twenty-two is being written.

Dappled Sunlight
Adult!Reborn x Reader
Chapter Count: 5/?
taking some time to reread this before continuing. rediscovering love for it.

Black Ink, Red Silk
Lavi x Reader
Chapter Count: 2/10 (potentially more)
stuck in a rut. trying to dig my way out.

Dal Futuro | Nel Passato
Gokudera x TYL!Reader | Gokudera x Reader | TYL!Gokudera x Reader |{hinted}TYL!Tsuna x TYL!Kyoko
Chapter Count: 6/?
chapter seven is started, but not much beyond that.

Lavi [Deak] x Reader
Chapter Count: 2/? (probably under five-ish)
falling in love with this story all over again. maybe it'll see an update soon.


all recognizable characters belong to their respective owners. i don't own anything from the works i write for, nor do i claim to. this is fanfiction, yo.

happy reading.

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