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Holy shit. You seem to have stumbled upon my work and seem somewhat interested in me or something. :íD I donít know if I should be ecstatic or not.

People call me Karseat. Believe it or not, they do. Or KK. *shrug* I\'m not putting my real name up here though.

I also attend conventions and cosplay. :3

Iím a complete dork, and Iím really not afraid to admit to it.

I\'m on tumblr. :3 My main URL is caffeinestuck. The link is up top, for my \'website,\' if it can actually be counted as one. And my DeviantART\'s linked too.

And (more accounts yo) I have a FFN account >:I A lot of my old stuff is there. Some is revised, and some needs to be revisited very desperately. Take heed to possibly humiliatingly terrible writing. The username is Broken Blackk Dahlia. Don\'t judge. It\'s old.

I frequently find myself wishing fictional characters were real, and I write reader inserts to cope with that want. -w- Or sometimes I act like a jerkass and make this elaborate OC and write/roleplay out something cool, where said OC and some character end up liking each other and itís all hunky fucking dory.

...or sometimes I just write about people having the walls painted with their own blood. All depends on my mood.

Holy shit, that was a bit of a rant, sorry. xD

Um. My favourite bands, or.. justÖ music, are the following: Otep, The Birthday Massacre, Marina and the Diamonds, Marilyn Manson, Mindless Self Indulgence, Bring Me the Horizon, Broadway Homestuck (because why the fuck not), Three Days Grace, and.. there are probably others. I just canít think of them at the time being.

I love Faygo, so much. You have no idea. I hate ICP, although I like one song. Other than that, though, it\'s no bueno.

Clowns both frighten and fascinate me (more of the former, though).

I enjoy Fantrolls (and fan characters in general :\'D), and I might even put together one of those mass posts on tumblr with the Read More shit going on for all the people out there who have no fucking clue to what theyíre doing. Who knows when, but it will be done someday.

I enjoy the colour black, and I kind of detest bright colours in a way? I mean. Darker shades of colours and some brights are alright. Otherwise itís not very nice in my opinion.

Headaches seem to incapacitate me quite frequently. It kind of sucks. It also impairs my ability to write and/or draw properly, and I usually end up lazing around like a bum and whining.

God this is getting really long, what the fuck.

I enjoy trolling people. Mainly on Omegle. xD No matter how assholeish it sounds, it is too amusing. I once tricked this jackass into thinking I was a Dark Elf from Skyrim. I shit you not. I was talking about Ďthe weather in Whiteruní. It was kind of sad.

Guess who doesnít sleep a lotÖ :D

I love RPGs and whatnot. Actually, most games. But I really enjoy the RPGMaker games that Youtube gamers (like PewDiePie and CryaoticMonki) play. c: Those are the shit, man. The two youtubers aforementioned are my favourite gamers. :3 Next to Markiplier. They\'re all cool dudes.

Ohoho. I love Creepypastas. I get really paranoid, but I persist to read them. :\'D //shot

I might have a little tidbit listing my fandoms, too, because that can be fun to view if youíre interested.

And thatís kind of me in a nutshell, and will probably be expanded one day or another. Who knows.

With that, I hope you guys enjoy my writing. c: Most of it sucks in my opinion, but you know. People seem to like it, so some of it\'s here.

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